150 Portraits Of People Around The World Taken Over 30 Years Of Travel By Steve McCurry

Published 10 years ago

Famed American photographer Steve McCurry, widely known for his portrait of an Afghan girl taken in 1984 and for his other gripping images, has opened a retrospective exhibit in Villa Reale di Monza in Italy featuring highlights from his career of more than 30 years. The exhibition, titled “Oltre lo Sguardo,” shows 150 of McCurry’s astonishing photos of people in diverse cultures around the world.

For me a portrait is about connection, somehow you connect with a person, visually or emotionally,” explains McCurry to designboom. “I’ve often believed that a person’s life stories are kind of written on their face. It’s magical, it’s mystical the way you can connect to a person, it’s hard to describe. You know it when you see it.”

The exhibition is a spectacular event in itself, as the extraordinary photos in a large format are placed in the corridors of Villa Reale di Monza, a historic palace building in Monza, northern Italy. You’ll have plenty of time to visit the exhibition, as it will be open until April 6th, 2015.

More info: stevemccurry.com | mostrastevemccurry.it (h/t: designboom, mymodernmet)

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An elderly man of the Rabari tribe, Rajasthan, India, 2010


Portrait of a boy from the Suri tribe, Omo valley, Ethiopia, 2013


Shadow play, Preah Khan, Angkor, Cambodia, 1999


Workers on a steam locomotive, India, 1983


A boy sits on a chair, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013


Robert De Niro in his screening room in Tribeca, New York, USA, 2010


A girl in a doorway, Afghanistan, 2003


Steve McCurry speaking with men of the Suma tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2012


Children from the Kara tribe look through windows, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013


Camel and oil fields, Kuwait, 1991


Baby wrapped in a blanket from Xigaze, Tibet, 1989 (exhibition view at Villa Reale di Monza)


Portrait from Tagong, Tibet, 1999 (exhibition view at Villa Reale di Monza)


Portrait of a refugee taken in Balochistan, Pakistan, 1981 (exhibition view at Villa Reale di Monza)


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