Judging America: Photographer Exposes Our Prejudices In Portrait Pair Series

Published 10 years ago

Dallas-based photographer Joel Parés challenges our most common prejudices with a straight-forward photo project called “Judging America.” The project has a GIF animation for every one of his subjects, which are first presented as caricatures of horrific or simply ridiculous common prejudices against their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, or marital status. Then, the GIFs slowly reveal how these people look in reality, presenting a great contrast with their prejudice-inspired images.

The purpose of this series is to open our eyes and make us think twice before judging someone, because we all judge even if we try not to,” explains Parés to Peta Pixel. “The first image is not necessarily what you actually see, but it is what you categorize them in your head without knowing who they truly are. The second image explains the truth about the person and how incorrect they were judged initially.

More info: joelpares.com | Facebook | 500px (h/t: petapixel)

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Harvard graduate Jefferson Moon


New York City nurse Sahar Shaleem


Pastor/Missionary Jack Johnson


Fortune 500 CEO Edgar Gonzalez


Stanford Graduate School student Sammie Lee


Iraq Combat Veteran Jacob Williams


Widowed mother of 3 Jane Nguyen


iPhone app inventor Joseph Messer


Family outreach program founder Ben Alvarez


Famous painter Alexander Huffman


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