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Photographer Documents Different Subcultures For 10 Years: Iran’s Freedom Activists, Exorcism In Ethiopia, Satan Community And More

Published 3 years ago

#12 Mira Ahimsa That Lives More Than 10 Years Without The Money, Czech Republic

#13 Jaromir Joo Is Taking A Tiger Out Of A Circus For A Walk. Czech Republic

#14 Iran’s Children Of Islam

#15 War Isn’t Over Yet, Soldiers That Came Back Home From The War Against Russia. Lviv

#16 Rasta Church (Rasta Camp) In The Hills. Time To Teach Rasta History And Philosophy

#17 Rasta’n’reggae Culture In Jamaica

#18 Flying Away, Iran’s Children Of Islam, Tehran

#19 Before Night Falls, About The Cuban Transformistas. Havana

#20 Imaginary Kids From Thapathali Slum (Kathmandu, Nepal)

#21 Satanists Are Preparing For The Ritual Called Dark Harlequin, Prague

#22 Heroin In My Heart, Stories Of The Drug Addicts In Prague


In cahoots with the secret orde...
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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#art, David Tesinsky, Documentary, Iran, Music Documentary, people, photography, reportage, special lifestyles, street photography, subcultures, travel photography, travelling, urban photography
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