30 Terrible Designs Created By People Who Don’t Have To Clean Them

Published 3 years ago

Designing things is not as easy as you might think, as there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration in order for a design to work. I’m talking about things like functionality, ease of use, aesthetics, and much more. However, there’s one thing that is often overlooked when designing things, despite it being incredibly important for the user – and that thing is the ability to easily clean the darn thing.

There are numerous cool-looking designs that involve lots of weird angles and intricate shapes that make them a major pain in the butt to clean. You might be curious why would someone even create things that are so difficult to clean. And the answer is really simple – it’s not the designers’ job to clean them. Tired of these difficult to clean designs, someone even started a whole Facebook group dedicated to them, called Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them, and if you’re a clean freak, consider yourself warned.

Check out a collection of things designed by people who don’t have to clean them in the gallery below!

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#1 Amethyst Sink

Image source: Alex Oboikovitz

#2 Dollhouse Fishtank

#3 This Pot

Image source: Ruan Carlo Schneider

#4 All Hail The Glow Cloud

Image source: Ashley Westover

#5 This Will Be A Normal Solution To Disposable Razors

Image source: beackupburner

#6 Radiator With A Bread Warmer

Image source: Mary Quigg

#7 Thanks I Hate It

Image source: Shawn Tucker

#8 These Wine Bottles/ Decanters/ Glasses Look Really Cool, But Cleaning Them? Hell No! I’d Probably Used Them Once And Then Threw Them Into A Fireplace Or Something

Image source: Milla Marguerite

#9 Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Image source: Mateo Euan

#10 Cutlery Set

Image source: Laura Jensen

#11 *shudder*

Image source: Maz Penney-Charlton

#12 Broken Ankle Bathtubs, Fantastic

Image source: Lauren Churchill

#13 Y I K E S

Image source: Katherine A. Weston

#14 I Love The Idea Of A Volcano Egg Cup As Much As The Next One, But You Will *never* Get All The Gross Crusty Egg Yolk Out Of All Those Crevices

Image source: Caryn Lopez

#15 Dollhouse PC

Image source: Manuela Betti

#16 And It’s Not Even Cute

Image source: Megan Moncada

#17 Stunning Fireplace

Image source: Lulu Titi Johnson

#18 Cute But…

Image source: Markéta Čonka

#19 They’re Gorgeous And I Want One, But They Must Be Such Dust Catcher

Image source: Kerri Kortness

#20 This Would Be A Pain In The Butt To Clean, But 11/10 Would Buy Anyway

Image source: Susan Day

#21 Those Poor Books!

Image source: Manuela Betti

#22 The Opposite Of Mini

Image source: Jazmyn Ross

#23 I Would Have A Very Bad Time Checking If My Nails Are Clean Or Not

Image source: Hazel Sandi Fernández

#24 1970s Was Such A Cursed Period For Interior Decorating

Image source: Eamon Ryan

#25 That Is The Car Of Someone Who Has Given Up, That Thing Does Not Get Cleaned

Image source: Sebastián S. Aguilar

#26 A Gift For The Coffee Lover You Also Hate

Image source: Caitlin Nicole

#27 All Those Tiny Eyes

Image source: Georgia Neave

#28 Erm…

Image source: Heather Nicole

#29 Stair Handle

Image source: Danielle Bodza

#30 Mud, Poop Dog, Dirt, Sand…

Image source: Sarah Azevedo

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