This Russian Artist Used Her Imagination To Illustrate These Disney Characters As Dads (6 Illustrations)

Published 3 years ago

We often see a happy ending in Disney movies but have you ever thought about what happens after the magical union of princes and princesses? Do they ever get kids? Well, we can only imagine because Disney hasn’t come up with any such sequels yet! A Russian artist Oksana Pashchenko has taken up this job and has created adorable new baby characters, all by using her imagination!

The artist has focused on the Disney ‘princes’ rather than princesses, and showed how they would fit into the role of fathers. The babies and toddlers seem to be spending a great time with their dads in these illustrations and they all look so adorable. Check out how Pashchenko reimagined these 6 Disney princes in dad’s role with their children in the gallery below.

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#1 Aladdin

Image source: goldoxi21

“Aladdin tells son about his youthful adventures, flying on a carpet over the markets of Agraba.”

#2 Prince Phillip

Image source: goldoxi21

“This is what happened when Sleeping Beauty asked her prince to sit with their daughter while she left on some business.”

#3 Hercules

Image source: goldoxi21

“Hercules with his daughter. I think she should be as pretty as her mom.”

#4 Prince Adam

Image source: goldoxi21

“Prince Adam reads to the baby. She loves books just like her mom.”

#5 Prince Charming

Image source: goldoxi21

“Prince Charming (Ferdinand/Florian) makes a pie with his daughter.”

#6 Prince Henry

Image source: goldoxi21

“A small copy of her mom.”


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