20 Wedding Guests Share Stories From The Most Distasteful Weddings They’ve Been To

Published 2 years ago

For many couples, their wedding day is perhaps the most memorable. It holds special memories of all loved ones getting together to celebrate their special day. A wedding ceremony is a symbolic moment that binds two people in a lifetime commitment.

Yet, it takes one misunderstanding to steal the light from the newlyweds. Or, in some instances, attract even more attention to the couple, as they were the ones to disrupt their own wedding. And the wedding guests or the staff working at the occasion have seen it all. And turns out that fistfights among the guests or the groom showing up to the ceremony completely hammered are just a few things that can go wrong at the wedding.

Interested in how bad could the wedding get, Reddit user View-Overall asked fellow companions, “what’s the trashiest wedding you’ve been to?” Take a look at some of the wildest wedding incidents people witnessed and just had to share with others online.

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Image source: xXFaTnEeKXx

Grooms best man went around with a naked photo of the groom. Showed everyone including the bride and grooms family. The worst part was there were kids at the wedding including the brides very young son and it wasn’t a small photo either like on his phone it was a huge canvas of the groom nude.


Image source: JohnaldL

The bride and her sisters did a strip tease/lap dance on the groom immediately following dinner. In front of his grandmother.


Image source: Rdab3

I don’t even know where to begin.. ceremony was comprised of immediate family then followed by a reception with all guests in a relatively nice hotel banquet hall. An hour in at 7pm the open bar was completely closed down because MULTIPLE guests were throwing up in the bathroom sinks causing flooding, the groom was so wasted even before the ceremony but was blackout by the time of reception. During the first dance he kept his hands in his cargo pant khakis the entire time and ate dinner sitting on the floor in a corner of the hall while the bride sat at the head table alone. About two hours in, the groom randomly left and slept at their house while the bride stayed in the newlywed suite by herself.. they are now separated as you may have assumed by this point.


Image source: TaintedTruth222

I had one of my friends from highschool get married in a trashy way. His fiancé at the time invited him to lunch at Buffalo wild wings and she had also invited the whole family (they where in on it) and once my friend showed up he found out it was a surprises wedding (just like you would do a surprise birthday party) The even trashier part is they didn’t like reserve the restaurant or anything so in his wedding photos (standing in front of the bathrooms by the way) you can see complete strangers coming out of the bathrooms.


Image source: lilyspads

The bride made a speech thanking her in laws for financial assistance for the event. Her mother was not thanked and she was furious. There was a long head table for bridal party and parents. It was made out of small tables pushed together covered by one long tablecloth. The mother pulled a small table out of the arrangement, catching the table cloth, and nearly destroying the head table set up. Now the bride got angry and there was much back and forth with various family members attempting to make peace. The mother refused to push back her table and began to invite others to sit with her, all people who were not meant to be seated at the front. Mother of bride continued to sit there and talk s**t about her daughter, the bride, to anyone who would listen.


Image source: Svetlana_of_Athens

A wedding on the beach behind Hooters. The officiant stood next to a trash bin. As if it was planned, the trash collector pulled up during the vows. Did he wait to change the bag? Absolutely not. Children at the wedding swarmed the couple like the flies around the trash can just after the kiss, stepping all over her dress. She bent over to adjust her sandal and a pack of Marlboro reds fell out of the bust along with her right breast.

It felt like we were rubber necking instead witnessing a marriage.


Image source: Natha031

I worked at a high-end golf club in Seattle that held extravagant weddings on a regular basis. This wedding in Samoa is perhaps my favourite:

-All of the guys wore lime green vests and snapbacks that matched.

-As mentioned in the contract, the wedding party must order food from the golf club’s restaurant. Instead, they order Domino’s, and the pizza delivery man serves them pizza while they sit in a beautiful restaurant.

-Right before the marriage, the bride and broom groom had a fistfight, which caused the ceremony to be postponed until bruises could be concealed with cosmetics.

-A live band was engaged to perform at the event, but they were not fed. The lead vocalist decides to speed down the hill during their first break to fetch a drink.


Image source: AdLiving7358

A family member of mines 2ND wedding reception was held INSIDE a indoor gun range. The groom was obviously an avid hunter because the entire wedding party was wearing camouflage suits and the bonus was the “open bar” consisting on two kegs of coors light sitting trash cans filled with ice.


Image source: Technical_Fold5433

A wedding where they had a flag that said “I had my wedding on Friday because Saturdays are for the boys”


Image source: JudgementalChair

It was at a Holiday Inn, the groomsmen all were brightly colored prom vests and jeans. I was a +1 to one of the bridesmaids, I just wore a regular suit, nothing fancy. I was still dressed better than the groom and I got dirty looks for it


Image source: Zezima-RS

My own. In a Mississippi judge’s office with a bag of Cheetos on her desk. She wiped her hands on a napkin, grabbed a Bible, and did her thing with orange crumbs on her lips. Her work heels were not on because she was in her office. It was extremely rush. I understand that she was on her break but we didn’t mind waiting. Idk why they rushed us thru.


Image source: HopelessEmu

Wedding was in a suburban driveway. The maid of honour stole the bouquet from someone’s garden and the best man proudly announced he had shoplifted the rings. The groom wore a button-down shirt that said ‘f**k off’ in fancy lettering. The bride stopped in the middle of the vows to tell her mother to ‘get that [friggin] kid out of here.’ It was her second kid by the previous bloke.

When it was over, we apologized to the celebrant. He said he’d seen worse.


Image source: __groundhogday__

The best man screwed the groom’s mother between the meal and the dancing. The groom finds out and punches the best man, breaking his hand. The best man drives away and gets stopped by the police for drunk driving.

Being a wedding photographer is awesome.


Image source: PM_MEE_PUSSY_PICS

There were no tables and chairs. Like none. They had an open bar but no chairs. Everyone had to put their drink on the ground and hold their plate to eat. It was crazy.

Everyone just assumed that some sort of terrible thing happened where the tables and chair people didn’t bring them but afterwards I asked her (the bride) what happened and she just said “Oh we would have had to pay extra for that.”


Image source: neathspinlights

Ceremony was in a park – not booked or decorated, just showed up and found a spot.

Reception was at a scout hall. No decorations again, and for catering the brides family went through Red Rooster drive thru and got a bunch of whole chickens and chips. Like, 5 different cars went through one after the other and ordered, they didn’t even pre order.

Groom and all his friends were high as kites and only reason bride wasn’t is because she announced she was knocked up.

Groom and his mates bought their dirt bikes and after eating went out and rode them around the hall. Was so loud and muddy.


Image source: ev6464

The mother in law took a swing at the bride on the dance floor. Still blows my mind thinking about it.


Image source: SnooHobbies7109

I was actually the bartender but it was a hoot. 1st, wedding was outside and it stormed violently. Groom was hammered pre wedding. Hit on all the bartenders. Then the DJ got hammered, made lewd comments to women in the microphone. Then basically everyone was hammered, knocked over the wedding cake which also happened to be a table with many candles, so the place caught on fire. Good times. Often wonder how that marriage worked out.


Image source: Much_Difference

Camo print wedding dress that was borderline see-through. Walked down the aisle to the Scooby Doo theme. No, nobody knows why they chose that song, including the couple themselves. They divorced a few months later after they both stopped cleaning the house in an act of defiance against one another.


Image source: JanuarySoCold

A friend’s wedding. She was walking down the aisle and had to pause to put out her cigarette. It was a small wedding and her friends thought it was hilarious. Married less than 2 years. She married him because he was in the military and she thought she was getting cash for life. He chose deployment to a war zone over staying with her.


Image source: sequoiakelley

Half Mormon half not Mormon wedding. The Mormon half was ultra Mormon, the non-Mormon half was a good amount recovering addicts. The mother got her daughters attention by just standing in front of whatever she was looking at including the groom, the photographer, the DJ, didn’t matter. Mom was also pretty high most of the wedding. 22 people in the bridal party, only 2 girls were the brides bridesmaids from before she met the Mormons. They kept getting frustrated because the Mormon bridesmaids kept pulling the bride away from them whenever they saw them all together alone. No alcohol served so the non-Mormon side went to the liquor store across the street and served their own. Cake smash fail, went straight into the bride’s hair. Mormon side started to talk crap about the drinkers and so the drinkers tried to pick fights with the Mormons. Wedding ended early, lots of tears. Such a hot mess wedding. The couple are both dentists.

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