“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”: 25 Pics Of Dogs Being Silly And Goofy

Published 1 year ago

If you’ve ever spotted your dog doing something weird it’s probably entertained you no end. Each dog has its own personality and tend to get up to crazy antics that are rather, unique and individualistic if you will. But if you’re having an off day or just in need of a pick-me-up then the /r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit is exactly what you may need. 

Sharing content of our favourite four-legged best friends going absolutely doggone-mad and doing the wackiest of things, this page is exactly what you need to brighten your day. We’ve done the hard work and found the creme-de-la-creme for you from this light-hearted page. So scroll below for a fun gallery of broken doggoes, that are just too derpy for words to explain. 

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#1 Clementine Says Hiyeeee

Image source: GATh33Gr8

#2 This Is Baldur. We Found Him Like This When We Got Home Yesterday. He Managed To Get A Hold Of His Bag Of Food While He Was Home Alone. On Top Of That He’s Not Allowed On The Couch

Image source: qAstrov

#3 Mastering Yoga Since The Day He Was Born

Image source: generalinstructions

#4 Totally Normal Way To Sit On The Sofa

Image source: wobbie_g

#5 No Difference

Image source: SweetWaterSurprise

#6 That’s My Car. That’s Not My Dog

Image source: firew0rks_

#7 Corgibalism

Image source: just-a-traveler

#8 My New Rescue Might Need A Hot Minute To Get Used To His New Creature Comforts

Image source: JuBreCaBra

#9 I Think My Dog Has A Secret Tindr Account

Image source: floppleshmirken

#10 This Adorably Derpy Smile From A Dog That Goes To “Daycare” With Mine

Image source: RevolutionaryHat4372

#11 Just Walking Through A Door

Image source: AlecWaycaster

#12 I Was Making A Snack After Putting Odin To Bed, And Heard A Sound Behind Me

Image source: Kaziticus

#13 I Wake Up To This Every Morning

Image source: MagnificentToad

#14 He Loves Oranges And Fruit In General

Image source: reddit.com

#15 All My Goods Are Always With Me

Image source: fat_old_boy

#16 A Very Dejected Boy. (Not Mine, Just A Picture From Facebook)

Image source: Underworld_Denizen

#17 Someone Always Needs To Be The Center Of Attention

Image source: a_pinch_of_sarcasm

#18 No Thoughts Just Vibes… And A Flexible Nose

Image source: Jon_4

#19 They Were Like This For At Least 5 Mins….whatswrongwithyourdog(S)?

Image source: diabetic666

#20 I Know It’s Cold Outside, But This Isn’t The Answer, Betty

Image source: OCbrunetteesq

#21 Snax?

Image source: buttcrackinvader

#22 ???

Image source: Racingstripe

#23 No Homeworks, Only Daisy

Image source: TroLLageK

#24 He Insists On Sleeping In The Tub

Image source: BoneYardRuins

#25 Ace Is A Very Suspicious Of Many Things …

Image source: 00-MKZ-00

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