Dry Humor, Sarcasm, And Absurdity Blended Together In Funny Comics By Steve Nelson (20 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

When good artwork is combined with fresh humor, it doesn’t fail to amuse people. Suppose a standup comedian turns into a graphic designer, what would be the result? Steve Nelson, aka Snelse, has answered this question by combining his passion for comedy with art.

This comedian-turned-illustrator creates witty comics to entertain people every day. His illustrations range from colorful to black-and-white and text-based to picture-only jokes, and they all contain an element of humor. As he mentions in an interview with Bored panda, “I would describe my style as simple, cartoony, and crude, I guess. And for my humor—dry and sarcastic jokes with a hint of the absurd.”

Scroll below to check out 20 hilarious illustrations created by Snelse.

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#1 Take A Picture

#2 Construction Error

#3 We All Do It

#4 The Mole Tavern

In the interview with Bored Panda, Snelse explains his work process- “I cover anything and everything. I’ve always written one-liners and my drawings are no different—they’re all non-sequiturs. So it all depends on what I’m most excited to draw or how I’m feeling at the time, so it may be a silly cartoon-like knight getting stuck to a magnet or a more arty illustration of punching a hole in the wall.”

#5 Balls

#6 Abducted

#7 Life

#8 When I Tell People I’m Here For Them

“The main goal of my illustrations is to make people laugh. And money. I’ve been writing comedy since I was 16 years old, starting as a stand-up comedian then moving on to writing for radio and TV until I eventually got my own comedy series on Audible (called The Temp).” Snelse explained his inclination towards comedy in the interview with Bored Panda.

#9 Shopping Baskets

#10 American Army Knife

#11 Occupational Hazard

#12 Spacesuit

#13 Sheep Straighteners

#14 Brave Knights On The Magnetic Fields

#15 Dead Sentence

#16 Panda Jam

#17 Dummy

#18 Which Wire?

Snelse also explained in the interview how the pandemic has changed his dedication towards illustration- “Although I started up drawing a few years ago, it was when the pandemic hit that I really got stuck into it as I had all this spare time to finally focus and figure out what I wanted to do. I won’t ever stop doing it now, I love drawing and want my work to reach as many people as possible.”

#19 Shadow Fed Up

#20 Blew It


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