Dubai: A short guide to a major tourist destination of the world

Published 8 years ago

One of the major cities in the Middle Eastern states Dubai has emerged out as a sign of growth and modernization. Even though the income through petroleum trade was initially needed on by the businesses of the city, but now the other sectors like infrastructure and tourism brings contributes a lot to Dubai’s economic growth. The city is cited as amongst the most popular destinations to visit in the world.

Transport wise, there are several affordable options to reach Dubai from Indian cities. Plan a week’s tour of this amazing city and find some cheap flights from Dubai to Mumbai to return.

You ought to visit Dubai if you want to see how extravagance and money-driven ambitions can transform even the severest places of the world. Dubai has a growth rate that predominates many cities on the planet and is loaded with glitzy attractions and international standards of hospitality. The city is now one of the most developed places and important centers of trade and tourism on the planet. It’s one of the red-hot property markets on the planet where specialists and the wealthy invest heavily to make their dreams come into reality. The city has also become the cultural focal point of the region and combines the best of traditions to let the world know that they’ve arrived. Transport wise, there is several affordable options to reach Dubai from Indian cities. Plan a week’s tour of this amazing city and find some cheap flights from Dubai to Mumbai to return.

From previous few decades, Dubai has been receiving a large variety of foreign nationals. Actually, figures say that the population in the city is inhabited more by the foreigners as opposed to the natives. The authorities provide several facilities and conveniences to the Emiratis, including free housing, free education, and free medical support etc.

The grandiose development of the city is clear from the truth that until the beginning of the 1990s the city had just one tall building that was situated on the border of the desert, and now there exist over 400 high-rise skyscrapers that lie scattered all over the city’s boundaries. The discovery and humongous sale of petroleum were the leading reason behind this gigantic development of the city. Now the oil industry forms a tiny part of the city’s economy and there are other dominant sectors like tourism, brand recognition and infrastructure shaping its future.

Today, you can find all forms of shopping malls, traditional markets and bazaars attracting hordes of tourists to this place. As you might be knowing that events like the ‘Great Dubai Shopping Fest’ and other musical and cultural festivals are the major crowd pullers for tourists from India. Tourism-wise, Dubai is home to some of the most amazing modern attractions like the Burj-al-Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world, with 163 floors of hotels, shopping arcades, banquet halls & restaurants. Then there’s the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, which was seen as the icon of the city before other tall structures came in. With a yacht type shape and a huge helipad-cum-tennis court at the top, this is surely a glimpse to capture in your cameras.

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