20 Easter Eggs Hidden In Movies That Might Surprise You

Published 1 year ago

When you are watching a movie, what do you focus on– the story, the filming techniques, the emotions conveyed by the actors, the background score, or something else? Since there are so many things to notice in each moment in a movie, it’s difficult to grasp everything at once. There are always some things that get missed.

Some people watch their favorite movies multiple times, yet they fail to notice some tiny details that are hidden inside the scenes. Well, if you are interested in them, the Reddit community “Movie Details” uncovers some of those subtle easter eggs hidden in the movies. Here, we have collected some of their interesting posts. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 In Forrest Gump (1994), Because Forrest Is So Fast, Nobody Can Tackle Him, Making Him The Only Player On Either Team To Have A Spotless Uniform

Image source: supernasty

#2 In Luca (2021), The First Time Luca Stands On Land He Exhibits A Medical Finding Called Gower’s Sign. Classically Seen In Patients With Muscular Dystrophy, It Is Due To A Lack Of Strength In The Hip And Thigh Muscles Causing The Patient To “Walk” Up Their Body To Stand From A Seated Position

Image source: TheHornChemist

#3 In Erin Brockovich (2000), Erin, Played By Julia Roberts, Is Ordering Food At A Restaurant. She’s Being Waited On By Julia, Played By Erin Brockovich

Image source: llism

#4 The Four Hobbit Actors From Lord Of The Rings (2003) All Confirmed On Podcasts That An Orc Leader’s Look Was Based On Harvey Weinstein, After He Wanted Miramax To Cut The Trilogy Down To One Film (And All That Other Stuff) Before A Deal Was Made And New Line Cinema Rescued The Epic Saga

Image source: strawberrybrooks

#5 In Encanto (2021), The Multicoloured Water Was Inspired By A Real Place In Colombia…the Caño Cristales River. The River Is Commonly Called The “River Of Five Colors” Or The “Liquid Rainbow,” And Is Noted For Its Striking Colors

Image source: Numerous-Lemon

#6 In The Batman (2022), You Can See A Bust Of William Shakespeare At Wayne Manor. This Is A Reference To The 1960s Batman Show; Bruce Would Lift Up Shakespeare’s Head And Press A Button To Open The Entrance To The Bat Cave

Image source: Numerous-Lemon

#7 The Horses Of The Nazgul In Lord Of The Rings (2001) Have The Eye Of Sauron On Their Chest Riding Gear

Image source: Martijngamer

#8 In Jaws (1975) – Quint Goes To Hunt The Shark In His Boat Orca. Orcas In Real Life, Otherwise Known As Killer Whales, Actively Hunt Great White Sharks To Kill Them

Image source: Beedee0823

#9 In The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019), You Can See Velma From Scooby-Doo In The Crowd. When Asked Why The Other Members Of The Gang Weren’t Included, The Director Said “In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Velma Would Have Been The Only One To Have Survived. The Other Kids Wouldn’t Have Made It”

Image source: NubbyNob

#10 In The Mummy (1999), Brendan Fraser’s Character Is Shown Loading Individual Rounds Into His Rifle, In Spite Of Its 8 Round Capacity. This Is Consistent With French Military Training, As The Lebel 1886 Was Equipped With A Magazine Cutoff; So That Soldiers Could Hold Rounds “In Reserve”

Image source: AnonTexan1297

#11 In Birds Of Prey (2020), The TV Is Playing An Episode Of “Days Of Our Lives” That Stars Arleen Sorkin. Arleen Was The Original Voice Actor For Harley Quinn In “Batman: The Animated Series” In The 90s

Image source: Numerous-Lemon

#12 In Don’t Look Up (2021) Shovels Are $599.99 As People Have Panic-Bought Them To Assumingly Build Bunkers

Image source: ArmitageShanks3767

#13 In The Dark Knight (2008), After The Joker Steals The Bank Owners Shotgun He Can Be Seen Repeatedly Using It Throughout The Movie

Image source: Killerpig14

#14 In Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), The Poolside Bartender Is Played By An Actor Credited Under The Nickname Dr. Toad, But His Real Name Was Robert Todd Williams, And He Was Robin Williams’ Older Brother. A Vintner By Trade In Real-Life, This Was His Only Film Appearance

Image source: VictorBlimpmuscle

#15 This Scene In Scream (1996) Hints At The Killer‘S True Identity Early On

Image source: Mairess99

#16 In Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) You Can See That Dobby The House Elf Became A Model For Gucci After The Harry Potter Series Wrapped

Image source: rasta4eye

#17 In Frozen/Frozen 2 (2013/2019), The Only Time Olaf Bends His Elbows Is During His Own Dreams/Fantasy (See: “In Summer”). Otherwise, His Arms Are Always Straight, As Real Twigs Would Be

Image source: idiomech

#18 In Uncharted (2022) Nathan Drake And Chloe Frazer (Tom Holland And Sophia Ali) Wash Up On A Beach And Meet A Stranger Who Says Something Similar Happened To Him Once. That Actor Is Nolan North, The Original Voice Actor For Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Video Games

Image source: NewUploader1

#19 Matilda [1996]: Miss Trunchbull Is A Corrupting Influence In A School, A Place Meant To Be Colorful And Joyful. She Competed In The 1972 Olympics, Planned To Be A Colorful And Joyful Celebration… Which Was Marred By Being The Site Of The Munich Massacre

Image source: res30stupid

#20 In The Royal Tenenbaums (2021), Mordecai’s Dramatic Change In Appearance Was Written Into The Movie Because The Hawk Portraying Him Was Kidnapped During Filming

Image source:  Numerous-Lemon

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