Eat Like a Japanese – Must-Try Japanese Food

Published 8 years ago

There’s no doubt Japan is one of the best culinary countries in the world. According to the recent studies, it’s the country with highest number of restaurants per citizen. One of the reasons for this is that Japanese prefer to meet at restaurants instead of taking guests home for a meal. Every region and every island have their own specialties which means there’s a large number of foods you can try. We have singled out top 5 foods that are definitely worth checking out.

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Ichigo Daifuku

When it comes to delicious, balanced sweets, Ichigo Daifuku is something you simply have to try. While “Ichigo” is the Japanese word for strawberry, “Daifuku” literally means “great luck”. This wonderful sweet is actually a strawberry covered in red bean paste. It’s also wrapped in a soft mocha which is a type of rice cake. If you’re visiting a local Japanese restaurant, make sure you order this delicious food. It can be found in most of the restaurants and in some supermarkets as well.


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If you want to eat just like Japanese people do, make sure you try Bento, one of the most popular Japanese boxed meals. There are many different types of Bento you can try. Fish, egg, vegetable and shumai bento are just some of the types of the meals that you can find. Also, if you’re looking for something heartier, chicken or hamburger steak bento are something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.


Yakitori is a simple grilled chicken but it somehow tastes completely different than the chicken you grill yourself. Besides adding top quality ingredients, Japanese chefs use charcoal to grill their meats and that’s what makes Yakitori taste so good. Shio and tare are some of the ingredients used to prepare this meal. It sure takes skill and fireproof hands to prepare perfect Yakitori. It’s one of the Japanese foods that can be found in the restaurants outside Japan as well.

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki chicken is probably one of the most popular meals that came from Japan. But it’s not as popular in Japan as it is outside the country. There are many varieties of teriyaki sauce but soy sauce and ginger can be found in all of them. Still, if you want to eat real Teriyaki chicken, it’s quite necessary to find the right restaurant. If you live in Australia, there’s a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne CBD you simply have to check out.

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is one of the most expensive Japanese foods but it’s definitely worth every penny. What makes this meal so special is the fact that it literally melts in your mouth. Kobe beef is nothing like a standard beef that can be found in other parts of the world. If you live in the USA, it’s quite difficult to find great Kobe Beef. Even if you happen to be in Japan, you won’t be able to get real Kobe Beef unless you visit a top class restaurant.

If you’re a real food enthusiast, you’ll simply have to try all of these Japanese meals. Still, there’s no reason to stop there – there are many other delicious meals that come from the Land of the Rising Sun which are definitely worth trying.

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