10 Times This Artist Impressed Everyone By Creating Edible Art

Published 2 years ago

Gab Bois is an artist who creates art with random edible things. Her creative and unique project “mini edible sofas” have attracted a lot of attention on the internet as they are cute, sweet, and innovative.

In an interview with DeMilked, the artist revealed, “I’ve always been drawn to food as a subject of inspiration. My dad played a huge part in making me see my meals in a different light. He would organize the contents of my plate in very exciting ways for me as a child. He’d create faces and pretty designs with whatever dish I was eating and tell me stories to go along with them. To me, that made the whole eating experience very special, and almost magical. It also taught me that playing with your food doesn’t have to be wasteful or disrespectful.”

Talking about her inspiration, Bois said, “The work that I do is idea-based, and photography is the fastest and most efficient way to document that process. I’m not technically trained in photo, but just like the rest of my process, I like to keep things as intuitive as possible. I always knew I wanted to have creative outlets in my life, but I really couldn’t have predicted that it would take the form of a career but I’m very grateful that it did!”

The artist further elaborated that her creative process includes “playfulness” and “problem-solving”. “I love the process of having an idea pop into my head and turning that idea into something tangible: it’s the most satisfying feeling,” she added.

Check out some of her wonderful works in the gallery below.

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More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois


More info: Gab Bois

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