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This Artist Sorted Famous Characters By Color And Here’s What She Found Out

Published 8 months ago

Linda Bouderbala is a Paris-based art director and illustrator who says she’s been drawing since she knew how to hold a pen. Inspired by geek and pop culture, this artist created color-coded illustrations featuring her childhood heroes.

The artist said she tried to classify these pop culture characters to see how different shades and tones interact in a group of characters of supposedly the same color. “Unlike humans, fictional characters are very different from one another – they have different, sometimes very odd, forms, they are made of different unearthly substances, and lastly, they are, undeniably, different colors – even when they seem the same. Is the blue color of a Smurf the same as Megaman’s? I don’t think so,” said Linda about her project.

Check out the color-coded characters in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t

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#1 Black Team

#2 Blue Team

#3 White Team

#4 Orange Team

#5 Green Team

#6 Red Team

#7 Yellow Team

#8 Purple Team

#9 Pink Team

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