Faster Customer Service How-to-Do’s

Published 8 years ago

We want our questions answered quickly and we don’t want to be keeping waiting in long lines. That is how it is these days. To even see a long line in a clothing shop and it is evident that you too have to stay in the line until your chance comes can be a real headache. If you are a shop owner and don’t want to have this situation in your shop (we all like long lines since it means you have a lot of customers and sales are increased) you need to implement the right things for your shop to provide a faster service. Here are some of the useful ways and tried and true tactics that will help you to solve this problem.

Give prominence to your live customers

There will be a lot of customers online and also in the call but the one standing right in front of you is important as well. This is why you need to manage a separate staff to handle the invisible ones and a separate working team to communicate with your live customers. They will want more attention than your personal or official call. And don’t hide when you see them coming and ignore them standing/sitting in front of you. At least show them that you are attentive to their presence during the call.

Use the correct systems for work

If you are still following manual systems for your work then, it is time you say adieu to them and turn for new systems. Automate tasks as much as you can. It can cost you a bit more but it will help you to save money, time and also provide a faster service for your customers. Fewer errors and your employees can use that time to complete other tasks. Plus, the new generation is good at making these automated things working so; it is another good point for you to generate your sales as well. If you are running a restaurant or café, check for the latest hospitality point of sales software. There are also web based ones that are ideal if you have several outlets. It will help you to stay connected.

Have your employees work according to a strategy

If things are not so specialized and everyone requires a special talent for a specific task, it is best to give your employees training in an overall way so they can help others or replace others in different tasks when needed. This will also help to strengthen their bonds as a team and teach others in their difficulties. When you are busy at the shop and see lines forming, you can ask help form other employees to help out your customers pay the bills by creating extra paying counters. As all customers want to pay their bills quickly and go home, this is a really good way for you to show how strategic your service is. Also direct employees in places and projects where more help is required to finish them on or before the deadline.

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