Creative Wife Organizes Batman And Robin Shoot For Her Husband And Son On Father’s Day

Published 9 years ago

I’m going to refrain from making any Batman puns. Just take a look at this Fathers’ Day photoshoot with the Caped Crusader. It was organized for Mike Daly by his wife Roxanne and photographer Erick Thiele. The mom posed as damsel-in-distress tied to railroad track while Bat-Mike and tiny Robin (their son Finn) swooped in to the rescue. A 45-minute, $50 dollar photoshoot later, and the internet fell in love with the idea.

For Thiele, this was a nice change of pace. “I have done a lot of shoots over the years, and most of them have been your typical family shoots — trees and nature, ‘look this way, smile… ,’” Thiele told Popsugar. “When Roxanne came to me with the idea of doing a surprise Batman and Robin photo shoot for her husband for Father’s Day, I knew I hit the jackpot of customer awesome-ness. I brought up this idea of having her being saved by her superhero husband and son.”

More info: facebook (h/t: popsugar, elitedaily)

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