Fibre Optic Services System Design and User Guide for Installation Process

Published 8 years ago

Presently, fibre optic cables are gaining more popularity because of their effectiveness. These cables have more benefits comparison to non-fibre or conventional cables. Fibre optic cables are more useful than other cables.

What is a fibre optic cable?

Fibre optic cables are a bundle of thin glass threads. Each thread is capable enough to transmit the message modulation onto light waves. Fibre optic cables have so many benefits and specifications. This fantastic fibre optic cable has much more bandwidth in comparison to metal cables. These fibre optic cables are more flexible and very much thinner.

As this cable is thinner and more flexible, it can be places easily and powerfully. Another important and big benefit of these cables is that is not a flammable cable. There are zero chances of electric shock. Most attractive benefit of fibre cables is that the amount of transmitted data is larger than regular and normal cables. Through this cable signal quality is extremely amazing and not damage drastically.

Installation process of fibre optic:

For successful and long-lasting Fibre Optic Installation Services and benefits of fibre optics, you should follow some steps and proper process during installation. This process is:

• Survey of site: Site survey is the most important step for the successful fibre optic installation. Main reason of this survey is to recognize the locations. This survey should be done by installation team.

• Create proper plan for cable pulling: Creating a proper plan for cable pulling is very important. This work can be done with the help of Fibre Optic Installation Company. In this plan, it includes the logistics of cable pulling equipment and other essential tools.

• Follow up of accurate process: Follow up of proper procedure is very important in installation process. As fibre cables are sensitive to moisture so you should have the knowledge of that and cables should be protected by the end cap or heavy tape all the time. Proper techniques should be followed for the installation.

• Remain cable’s minimum bend radius: During installation it is essential that cable should not be bent to a minor radius. Once the cable has been installed, and the pulling stress apart, the cable may be twisted to a radius no minor than the long term application bend radius requirement. Normally, bent radius value is 90 degree.

• Keep the maximum load limit: Fibre cables are stronger but it is still important, not to exceed the cables recommended load in any stage. Over load may cause for the unwanted damage.

• Depart Extra cable: It is important to leave some extra cable at the start and at the end of the cable run. Extra cable is helpful while repairing process required in the near future.

• Documentation: Documentation is the last step of the installation process. A good record will ensure that the cable is successfully and accurately installed.

Installation process is very important and should be done by the experts. You can take help from Fibre Optic Installation Company to accomplish this work properly and accurately.

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Fibre Optic Installation Company

Fibre Optic Installation Company

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