25 Adorable And Hilarious Images From The Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2024 That Might Make You Smile

Published 2 weeks ago

In a world often fraught with seriousness, there’s something truly magical about the innocence and joy found in the animal kingdom. Enter the Comedy Pet Photography Awards, a delightful annual event that celebrates the whimsical, the hilarious, and the downright adorable moments captured on camera.

From mischievous cats to playful pups, the Comedy Pet Photography Awards showcase the full spectrum of animal antics. Each photograph encapsulates a moment of spontaneity, revealing the unique personalities and quirks of our beloved furry friends. With the announcement of its finalists for 2024, prepare to be whisked away on a journey filled with laughter and cuteness overload.

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#1 ‘Cat In A Trap. Like Super Mario’ By Kenichi Morinaga

Image source: ©Kenichi Morinaga/Comedy Pets

Cat in a trap it looks like video game Super Mario world.

#2 ‘Um Excuse Me’ By Chantal Sammons

Image source: ©Chantal Sammons/Comedy Pets

Artie is about 12 weeks old in this picture. He’s such an expressive little fella. He reminds me of a kid putting up their hand to go to the washroom.

#3 ‘Curls In The Wind’ By Julia Illig

Image source: ©Julia Illig/Comedy Pets

Good looking curly couple having a good time at the windy beach.

#4 ‘Kitty In The Kitchen’ By Atsuyuki Ohshimo

Image source: ©Atsuyuki Ohshimo/Comedy Pets

He stayed at there as if one of a kitchen tool.

#5 ‘Hard Workers’ By Atsuyuki Ohshimo

Image source: ©Atsuyuki Ohshimo/Comedy Pets

They give their all in every situation.

#6 ‘Tarzan’ By Kazutoshi Ono

Image source: ©Kazutoshi Ono/Comedy Pets

It’s like being in the jungle.

#7 ‘Peek A Boo’ By Sylvia Michel

Image source: ©Sylvia Michel/Comedy Pets

I took this great picture in deep snow in Grindelwald. My dog Raasta, spontaneously hid so that only his ears were sticking out of the snow.

#8 ‘Who Are You’ By Silvia Jiang

Image source: ©Silvia Jiang/Comedy Pets

loki and a lion

#9 ‘It’s Fu Cold’ By Tammo Zelle

Image source: ©Tammo Zelle/Comedy Pets

Our dog had a lot of fun in the snow, but unfortunately ice crystals always stick to his paws.

#10 ‘It’s Time To Get Up’ By Lock Liu

Image source: ©Lock Liu/Comedy Pets

Every morning, my dog wakes me up by lying on my chest until I open my eyes

#11 ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ By Julie Smith

Image source: ©Julie Smith/Comedy Pets

Flying Poodle

#12 ‘Dancing Queen’ By Vera Faupel

Image source: ©Vera Faupel/Comedy Pets

What can I say. This dog loves to jump!  Pepper the pointer

#13 ‘What Am I Thinking ?’ By David Kertzman

Image source: ©David Kertzman/Comedy Pets

A little shake of the head and… where is everyone? I was lucky enough to click at the exact moment the head disappeared.

#14 ‘Belly Dancer Style’ By Vittorio Ricci

Image source: ©Vittorio Ricci/Comedy Pets

My long hair turtle cat believes to be perfectly camouflaged for an ambush

#15 ‘You Keep Watch’ By Yasudu Aburanekomaru

Image source: ©Yasudu Aburanekomaru/Comedy Pets

Our cat pushing nose  into a hole in the wall while the other one seems to keep watch

#16 ‘Tired Donkey’ By Charlotte Kitchen

Image source: ©Charlotte Kitchen/Comedy Pets

After sprinting around with Noah and completing some training, Benji was exhausted almost wanting an afternoon nap!

#17 ‘Grumpy Dog’ By Luiza Ribeiro

Image source: ©Luiza Ribeiro/Comedy Pets

Meet Nick Barry, a 5-year-old yorkie with a special talent for hilarius expressions. This may not be his most flattering photo, but that frown is undeniably captivating – a true portrait of a dog who doesn’t need smiles to win our hearts.

#18 ‘Pool Friends’ By Diann Johnson

Image source: ©Diann Johnson/Comedy Pets

Our cat Grey making a new friend in the pool.

#19 ‘Nosey Neighbours’ By Emma Beardsmore

Image source: ©Emma Beardsmore/Comedy Pets

These are my 2 cats during Covid Lockdown. They are spying on the neighbours who are breaking rules!!  ‘Lets act like Meerkats; they’ll never know its us’.

#20 ‘Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting’ By Sylvia Michel

Image source: ©Sylvia Michel/Comedy Pets

I made this picture in Toggenburg.I threw a few snowballs and my dog jumped after them with great enthusiasm. That’s how this picture came about.

#21 ‘I Think I Saw A Mouse’ By Debby Thomas

Image source: ©Debby Thomas/Comedy Pets

This beautiful and athletic gelding loves to try to fly off the ground! This is one of the series of leaps he performs.

#22 ‘Sun Lover’ By Alina Vogel

Image source: ©Alina Vogel/Comedy Pets

This is Freddie, he was my first Hamster and probably the most photogenic ever. Freddie died recently and that’s the last honor I want to pay my little friend

#23 ‘New Rose’ By Jonathan Casey

Image source: ©Jonathan Casey/Comedy Pets

Edgar loves to eat flowers, and her favourites are dandelions for spring, snapdragons for summer and here she can be seen gobbling as whole Gertrude Jekyll rose last September. We grow them for her and as she is elderly we handfeed her, sometimes snapping her in between bites as you can see…

#24 ‘Kitten Stuck In Traffic’ By Tomoaki Tanto

Image source: ©Tomoaki Tanto/Comedy Pets

The kitten walking in front of me suddenly stopped when she saw something on the road, and the kitten walking behind me bumped into the kitten in front of me, causing a traffic jam.

#25 ‘You Didn’t Hear This From Me’ By Kenichi Morinaga

Image source: ©Kenichi Morinaga/Comedy Pets

These cats are having secret talk about where do we fish in Island.

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