15 Epic Moments Where A Person Was Literally Destroyed By A Brilliant Comeback

Published 1 year ago

Who doesn’t love a little shade thrown about in a classy way? The entire community on Reddit called r/Comebacks is dedicated to sharing posts of incredible moments where people just had the best comebacks. Where the timing was tangible and the execution, was perfection. Check out these epic moments encapsulated in memes below.

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Image source: u/zaynthelegend


Image source: u/SlanticEX


Image source: u/Vegettowillfucuup


Image source: u/keith2301


Image source: u/englishsaw


Image source: u/Initial_Ad_2133


Image source: u/deathdealer747


Image source: u/Betty_noire_official


Image source: u/waffleonwiifit


Image source: u/_Clex_


Image source: u/Monjipour


Image source: u/TCKaizer29


Image source: u/emmersivedaddy16


Image source: u/OneAnxiousKitten


Image source: u/MiaTheGachaOtaku


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