25 Of The Most Ridiculous First-World Problems That People Complain About

Published 6 months ago

Weird Al Yankovic released a song back in 2014 called “First World Problems”. The song lyrics all indicate frustrating issues faced by privileged folks. Such as ironically depicting an incident where a person using an electric toothbrush runs out of charge midway and they now have to actually ‘brush’ their teeth. 

Indeed, humans can get used to certain luxuries to a point where our egos get the better of us and our expectations become almost too much. One Reddit user Jennimackenzie got curious about more examples of this nature and posted online asking “What’s the most ridiculous ‘first world problem’ you’ve seen people get worked up over?” Netizens were quick to reply with a barrage of answers from which we’ve shared the most popular responses in the gallery below. 

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#1 Vaccination. Nothing screams “I’m oblivious to my own privilege” like an ignorant antivaxxer.

Image source: b00jum, CDC

#2 Apple vs Android. Get a life.

Image source: MelodyofthePond, picjumbo.com

#3 Weddings are a gold mine for this question. People get so hyped up over their “most important day of their life,” they’ll destroy friendships, go into debt, and have crazy expectations. It’s not always the couple who go crazy, either. Sometimes, it’s the parents or another family member who feels entitled to control the wedding.

It’s just a party. Be considerate of guests, have plenty of food and drinks, and enjoy it.

Image source: magicrowantree

#4 Crying over their favourite celebrity breaking up with a partner.

Image source: Sensitive-Sample-948, Sofia Alejandra


I was working the return desk at a Target next to a military base so I have so many stories. One of my favorites was a lady who had her baby shower before revealing the gender and was livid that she had received floral newborn diapers when she’s having a boy. It was a huge box of super expensive, all organic diapers, that we didn’t carry and therefore could not return. I cannot accurately express her fury and disgust. How dare either suggest her boy could wear feminine diapers ? I suggested she donate them if she didn’t want to use them and she instead threw away the entire box. When she left we pulled it out and threw it in our donate bin.

There have also been multiple times where mom’s order massive toys and when we bring them out to the car they get furious that they aren’t wrapped. We don’t offer wrapping services. Here’s the thing, if you don’t want your kids to see the toys you got them for Christmas or their bit to day DONT BRING THE CHILD WHEN YOU PICK IT UP. I’ve had multiple women scream and curse me out that I had ruined their kids Christmas by bringing the toys they ordered out to the car like they requested.

Image source: clever-mermaid-mae


Like 90% of cultural appropriation discourse. Cultural appropriation is supposed to be for when things which have significant, deep, special cultural significance are taken and commodified to a point it disrespects or undermines the original purpose or meaning of said significant thing. Not “omg this white girl has a dream catcher in her room” or “omg this white person went to Japan and wore a Kimono”

Like people are dying Kim, and you’re pissed because Becky got braids done when she went abroad? Also more often than not the people getting mad about that s**t aren’t even from that culture they’re just random white people virtue signalling. And a lot of the time, when you ask the people of said culture, they either don’t really give a s**t or are actually happy at people taking an interest in and participating in their culture. Just screams “I’m so privileged that I have nothing in my life actually worth complaining about so I’m going to get offended on other peoples behalf over things that aren’t actually that much of a problem.”

Image source: wellyboot97

#7 My own. We have a bidet toilet seat (Fabulous! Everyone should have one!) and not only does it wash your bum and blow dry it, but the seat’s heated! It’s shocking how much a heated toilet seat makes the whole process more agreeable. Except: We had a power outage and I went to use the toilet and the seat was cold! Unacceptable! This shall not stand! I was really upset because it didn’t feel good. Then I stopped and thought: This is the most first-world problem anyone’s ever had. I was really pissed because my heiny was tepid. I got over it.

Image source: DeathGrover, Max Rahubovskiy

#8 A lady in our neighborhood was renovating her 5-bedroom home while building a similarly sized vacation home in Arizona. She said “oh you have NO IDEA how stressful it is to decorate two homes at once!”

Image source: WellHulloPooh, Nataliya Vaitkevich

#9 I regularly see people come to blows about football

Image source: wizardgobrrrr, Tembela Bohle


Image source: jets3tter094, Tomas Anton Escobar

Haha so last week, I ended up changing a train ticket last minute and when I went to sit in the seat (there was assigned seating on this one), the guy I’d be sitting next to had all his stuff sprawled out on it and was using my tray table to hold his food, with his laptop on the other. So I politely told him that was my seat and he was like “ugh did you just book this last minute? The app said it was empty and that I would have this row to myself”. He huffed and puffed for the entire 2 hour ride into NYC lol. It was kind of comical tbh.

I’ll never understand why people get so worked up over having seat mates on public transport.

#11 When I was about 19 years old, I was at my boyfriends family BBQ. I was wearing this pretty floral sundress. His cousins girlfriend showed up in the same dress and she was SO mad that she went and changed. I will never understand being upset when someone is wearing the same thing as you. Did you really think that your shirt you bought off the rack is going to be unique to you? No.

Image source: mertsey627, Bùi Thanh Tâm

#12 When iPhone users get annoyed when they’re texting someone using Android and their messages appear green instead of blue

Image source: tarheel_204, Jenny Ueberberg


I’ve survived everything from chemotherapy to two decades of immunotherapy, have undergone a dozen surgeries, spent a year of my teens paralyzed (had to re-learn how to walk), gone into cardiac arrest on several occasions, my mother is a diagnosed narcissist, and I recently left my abusive soon-to-be-ex-husband. Not a whole lot phases me, and it takes a LOT to anger or upset me. I am a genuinely patient, kind, and understanding person.

Recently took some vacation, which included renting a car. The guy in line ahead of me completely and totally lost his marbles about the type of car they gave him.

He ***demanded*** a Tesla. They told him they didn’t have any available. Bickering ensued. The lone staff member, a gal who couldn’t have been older than 22/23, was the only person on staff that night. She went above and beyond by contacting another local rental company (in the same large airport garage), and asked if they had any Tesla’s available. They did, but it was only 60% charged. Customer threw a s**t-fit about it only being 60% charged.

Dude……. they *specifically* told you they didn’t have any Tesla’s available, then went above and beyond to acquire one for you through a different company, but you still throw a tantrum about the charge level it’s at!? ???‍♀️

Talk about entitlement.

Image source: disjointed_chameleon

#14 Anything Starbucks related. Holiday cups, star rewards points reset, pay it forward etiquette, whatever.

Image source: No_Longer_A_Menace, Dom J

#15 Well I get really f*****g pissed off at the printers in my office. We put a guy on the moon 54 years ago but we can’t make something that puts f*****g ink on paper holy f**k.

Image source: mh985, Mahrous Houses

#16 HOAs. These people have been waiting their whole lives to stir some s**t up over something minuscule.

Image source: jargonexpert, Natália Oliveira

#17 Not wanting to wear masks, some people equating wearing a mask with going to a concentration camp really was eye opening about the entitlement of some people.

Image source: OldMastodon5363

#18 Not being able to get haircuts during lockdown. I will never forget the people with those posters

Image source: kep279, Salah Regouane

#19 Being upset about Disney movies and diversity in video games

Image source: malu_saadi, Luis Quintero

#20 Any freakout at a fast food joint.

Image source: Asleep_Artist_7738, Brett Jordan

#21 I work in a public library. People will get so so mad if they have to be put on a wait list for a book. A popular book that just came out. Ok our services are not only free but so are the books. You’re welcome, a******s.

Image source: Switchbladekitten, Ranurte


Image source: azninvasion2000

My boss from about a decade ago was this insanely rich dude who always went to the bank to get fresh and crisp currency. He’d call the bank in advnace to make sure they had some on hand. I think he was a germaphobe.

He had a trash can that he’d throw $1 and $5 bills in that he thought was “dirty” and regularly just donated it vs spending it.

I asked him why he did this and he said it was too much trouble and asked if I wanted it. I said f**k yeah dumped it into my bag and when I got home it was close to $400 in singles and fives.

//edit: Whoa didn’t expect such a response. Another time, he wanted to upgrade all the computers in his studio, so we went to a store and bought 10 PCs. They all had $150 mail in rebates and he wasn’t bothered to go through the trouble of mailing them in. 3 weeks later I received $1500 after spending a whole afternoon filling out all those goddamn forms.

#23 The supposed “war on Christmas.”

Image source: Mysterious-Belt-1510, Tessa Rampersad

#24 Not being able to park right outside your house in an area of terraced houses built in the 1850’s when the motor car was a distant dream.

Image source: Live-Dance-2641, Liz Sanchez-Vegas

#25 Don’t know if this qualifies. On safari in Kenya, when all the laundry was hand-washed by the staff, a North American got VERY upset when she was informed she’d have to do her own panties.

Image source: Disastrous_Layer9553, Karolina Grabowska

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