Five Points to Consider Before Buying Art

Published 8 years ago

It is a well-established fact that art is a form of expression. A carefully laid out collection of artworks add to the beauty of your home; that is why, when people consider renovating their homes, they contemplate using artworks. Art, especially, traditional art, manifests heritage. It is a legacy. One can say that it is a form of expression of intrinsic values, the richness of land and the invaluable pride of a culture. Because of its richness and cultural value, traditional Indian art has always been sought after by art lovers. People love to experiment with traditional artworks to spruce up the décor of their homes and accentuate aesthetic appeal.

If you have ever considered buying art, then you must have experienced that the market is flooded with vast variety of artworks available for sale at, both, conventional market place and at online art galleries. At times, it can become a bit tedious for buyers to select the right piece of art for their home. In this post, we will be exploring some basic recommendations for selecting traditional art.

Clarify Your Purpose

It is good that you want to buy art. But, the question is why you want to buy art. Maybe, you want to buy it to decorate your home. Well, do you think that this is a good reason? Not really. Had it been a little more specified, like “I want to buy a painting that would stimulate me” or “I want to induce soothing effect in my bedroom,” then it would have been a perfect beginning to your quest for choosing a right painting. Knowing what you want to buy and why you want to buy it is half the battle won. It will not only save your time, but also reduce your efforts as you have already narrowed your search.

Framed Art

If you are going to buy a painting, consider buying framed painting. Just like a painting, a carefully chosen frame complements the décor of your home. A frame not only enhances the beauty of a painting, it also protects the canvas from wear and tears. Also, framed paintings are easy to clean. You can even consider adding a glass to frame to protect the painting from dust, moisture and direct sunlight, which will ensure longevity of artwork.

Consider Buying Larger Paintings

They say, “The bigger, the better.” The same applies when it comes to buying affordable traditional Indian art. The key characteristic of Traditional Indian painting that gives it its richness is the detailed work. A large canvas enables to see the minutest detail of a painting and thus, magnifies its beauty.

Group Placements

We know that not every one afford large paintings, that is why are recommending this remedial point. If you cannot buy large paintings, you can opt for placing series of smaller frames in square or rectangular pattern. While considering this alignment, ensure that the paintings you buy are framed in same frame; else it will distort the symmetry.

Complement the Color/Theme of Your Room

This is one recommendation that you must have read or heard a number of times. Believe us, this advice is a life safer. A bold modern painting placed in a room bearing antique look is not only a misfit, but an eyesore. To save situations, it becomes absolutely necessary to choose an artwork that not only complements the color or theme of a room, but also suits the purpose of the room. Selecting paintings that complement existing color schemes is not a difficult task. You only have to ensure that the dominating color of the painting complements the color of wall.

Buying a painting for your home is not a difficult task. It requires a little homework and some planning. Implementing these recommendations while planning and buying paintings will not only help you choose the right piece, but it will also make it a worthwhile experience.

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