Floor Repairing Jobs in Our New Sydney House

Published 8 years ago

When you’re moving in a new house, there are always certain things which irritates you. The overall appearance and location of the house might be to your liking, but the interior arrangement and decor might not look the way you want them to. But I guess these are the home buyers hazards. May be you are buying a haunted house, who knows?!

Joking aside, relocations usually entail a list of improvements and interior decoration touch-ups which sometimes takes a lot of time and hassle to complete. Especially when you are a perfectionist and the visual appearance is of great importance for you, then there is no room for compromises. In my case, both me and my wife tend to pay close attention to the aesthetics of almost every physical aspect of our everyday life. I’m talking outfits, accessories, vehicles, and of course – residence! She is a web designer for a local IT company, but she has the confidence to know and understand all kinds of design, be it fashion, interior or every other type of design that comes to your mind. She had an opinion and vision for the interior improvements of our new house from the very first hour we moved in. I wasn’t sure if all of them were justified, but on one of the issues we quickly reached an agreement – the floors all around the house, especially the ones in front of the kid’s room on the second floor were in а terrible condition. One would say that the previous owners had no rules for what should their children wear when indoors. Scratches from sands and dirty shoes covered the wooden parquet from side to side, not to mention the faded colour and shabby lacquer finish.

All hardwood floors needed a repair urgently!

To me, being employed at a local property maintenance company, it was an easy task to arrange the service, as I had co-workers which were one of the very best in the field. As you can see from the pictures – all floors looked as brand new! To be honest, I didn’t expect such a big change. I mean, I’ve never actually been on site, when my co-workers completed a floor renovation job for a client. I’m usually at the office, dealing with the marketing and sales issues. When we came back after a long day at the beach, they had done the repairs for just one day. I couldn’t believe my eyes – the wooden surface was shining, no scratches, no shabby spots. I even thought that they’ve replaced it entirely, but do not want to admit it!

After they convinced me that it is the same old worn out parquet, I was so grateful that I bought them a chocolate cake the day after! They were grateful too!

Images: Juhan Sonin

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Before the floor repeairing jobs

Before the floor repeairing jobs

Hardwood floor with scratches and faded paint.

And the great success – floor looks like a brand new!

And the great success - floor looks like a brand new!

Repaired wooden parquet.

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