These Eyeglasses Are Cut From A Single Sheet Of Metal To Reduce Waste

Published 7 years ago

While looking for a way to make eyeglasses more environmentally friendly, Munich-based design office, RELVAOKELLERMANN, has come up with an elegant solution cut out of a single sheet of metal.

It’s simply called the Frame, and it’s bringing the hip back to a rather stale market of eyewear. The experimentation was inspired by the guys over at MYKITA, who have already carried out some interesting experiments with eyeglass frames.

“We thought about a way which could lead to more sunglasses per sheet metal: instead of laser cutting the front shape, as it normally happens in sheet metal or cellulose acetate we thought about laser cut the frame as metal bands and later to shape it with a process similar to the one used in wire frames, using no screw or welding,” the designers explain. “Here, too, the technical solution is at the same time an aesthetic one; its iconic shape comes from the production process.”

For those who already want a pair, we regret to inform you that the design is still a concept.

More info: relvaokellermann | instagram (h/t: designmilk)

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