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Stories From Books Come To Life In Paper Sculptures By Jodi Harvey-Brown

Published 7 years ago

“I have always loved art, and I have always loved to read,” admits Pennsylvania-based artist Jodi Harvey-Brown, who decided to mix these two passions of hers in a magnificent new medium. The artist brings the stories that dwell in her favourite books to life by making astonishing book sculptures depicting scenes from the literary world.

Harvey-Brown, aka wetcanvas in the DeviantArt community, not only summons little fictional human characters, classical monsters, sea creatures, gigantic ships and air balloons – she revives entire landscapes, capturing the magical atmosphere of those many wondrous worlds.

“Characters, that we care so much for, should come out of the pages to show us their stories. What we see in our imaginations as we read should be there for the world to see,” explains the artist.

Source: | DeviantArt | Etsy

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