40 Funny Fan Posters That Cracked Up The Artist And The Audience

Published 3 days ago

When we think of concerts, we usually think of music and fans. People stand in line for hours to get a spot close to the stage, they plan what they will wear months in advance and apparently, also stringently plan the signs they will carry with an all-important message for the artist to see among the crowds. Some of these often hand-crafted signs are so entertaining that not only did they catch the eye of the performer but also the concert-goers. Scroll below for a selection of the most creative, funniest and thirstiest fan signs spotted at an event.

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#1 Harry Styles Reading Fan’s Sign: “Harry, Please Reject Me So I Can Move On”

Image source: Subodh Bhatade

#2 This Sign

#3 One Direction Fan Sign

Image source: 1d_worldinfo

#4 This Guy Is A King

Image source: JamesC_777

#5 That Is Hilarious

Image source: Heatherrm1977

#6 This Fan Sign For Louis Tomlinson At The Away From Home Festival

Image source: Mary Jane

#7 This Sign

#8 California Dreamin’

Image source: big.paullyd

#9 This Really Happened To Me Last Night

Image source: megxndesignsstore

My son was adamant that I ask Harry this question, and was constantly asking me if I had asked him yet whenever I FaceTimed him in Perth and Melbourne. He didn’t care to talk to me about anything else while I was away. He seems to think Harry is my friend and keeps asking when we’re going to visit his house.

He has since said, “No, he has at least 16 chimneys”. So I guess Harry must be wrong, because my son said so. Maybe my next sign will be, “My 4-year-old was disappointed with your single chimney. He thought you had 16”.

I will be living in this moment forever.

#10 Harry Styles Replied To My Mom’s Sign By Saying “Never”

Image source: benalouise_

#11 This Sign At The Concert Definitely Made Me Laugh

Image source: zombiefrosting

#12 Waiting For That Call From My Man

Image source: binseology

#13 Someone I Know At EDC Right Now Caught An Awesome Photo Of This Sign

Image source: dontleakmybootypics

#14 Harry Styles And I Had A Staring Contest And He Laughed At Me When I Blinked But Honestly, I Think He Cheated And I Want A Rematch

Image source: kirstencalabrese

#15 He Was Too Stunned To Speak. My sister only got married in a civil ceremony anyway, and I was there. Just not at the party afterward.

Image source: daniela.bdr

#16 Best. Totem. Ever

Image source: xbabyninja1, nanabuuui

#17 Saw This Guy At The Avenged Sevenfold Concert Last Night

Image source: Avoidingsnail

#18 Awesome Sign

Image source: MrTommyLand

#19 Someone Tell Joe Jonas That I’m Still Waiting For That Date

Image source: nancyvillaro

#20 This Sign

#21 Strong Statement

#22 Hey, Riley Green, You’re The Best. Thank You

Image source: HZolkowski

#23 “I Think Of You When I Shag My Boyfriend” Sign

Image source: harrystylesrings_

#24 I Mean, They’re Not Wrong

Image source: kookiezandmilk

#25 My Dad Went To A Bruce Springsteen Concert The Other Day. This Is The Only Picture He Took

Image source: BurritoAmbassador

#26 What Does Your Mom Think You’re Doing This Weekend?

Image source: shreya_b.xo

#27 This Sign Was My Favorite At The Electric Forest Music Festival

Image source: UnoMaas, arizona_boi

#28 A Family Secret Revealed

#29 This Fan Chose To Go To A One Direction Concert Instead Of Getting Engaged

#30 My Friend Brought These Clever Signs To Coachella

Image source: smoresahoy

#31 Don’t Underestimate Grannies

#32 The Only Cat We Want To See

#33 Seems About Right

#34 Yeah, This Happened

Image source: zackteperman

#35 Sorry Harry, I Lied To You I Had Contact Lenses, I Just Wanted You To Come Closer

Image source: anniedressesup

#36 Best Night Ever Besides The Fact I Could Barely Sing Along… Beyonce – Your Beauty Is Unreal

Image source: chelseyb27

#37 Fangirl Moment

Image source: nxtalija

#38 This Flag At Glastonbury Festival Refers To Boris Johnson’s Defense Of The Downing Street Lockdown Parties

Image source: scottygb

#39 Sister Michael Watching Over Us At Glastonbury

Image source: H__OConnell

#40 A Forever Big Time Rush Phase

Image source: monika_themoney

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