20 Times People Posted “Images With A Lot Of Stuff Going On” That Puzzled Folks On This Facebook Page

Published 2 years ago

A single picture can speak a thousand words. Sometimes, a single picture also has the potential to confuse a thousand brain cells in your head. Have you ever seen those photos in which multiple random things are going on in the foreground and background of the image that it looks like some weird Renaissance painting? Yes, we are talking about those bizarre no context pics today.

There is a Facebook group called “Images with a lot of stuff going on” that posts chaotic photos which keep getting weirder the more you look at them. Check out some of their funniest pics in the gallery below.

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Image source: Kevin Montañez


Image source: Jeremy Craig


Image source: Lydia Beth


Image source: Stefan Dennis


Image source: Jeremy Craig


Image source: Dyfi Rys


Image source: Ángel Gerardo Urbina


Image source: Asha Impson


Image source: Kolton Hobbs


Image source: Juan Carlos Farrera


Image source: De Râr


Image source: Daniel Hebert


Image source: Paolo Maria Franzoni


Image source: Crow Joe


Image source: Ziyal Leon


Image source: Katie Chpmnk Hulbert


Image source: Marco Gamez


Image source: Aldrin Tadas


Image source: Aleksander Olav Flanagan-Grimsrud


Image source: Daniel Hebert

Saumya Ratan

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