Here Are 20 Finalists Of This Year’s Comedy Pet Photography Competition

Published 11 months ago

Prepare to be entertained and captivated by the adorable and hilarious antics of our furry friends! The finalists for the Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2023 have been unveiled, and these delightful images are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

From mischievous cats to playful dogs, these snapshots of pawsome comedians are ready to steal the show. Let’s take a look at some of the most delightful finalists that showcase the sheer hilarity and charm of beloved pets.

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#1 ‘The Big Boss’ By Kenichi Morinaga

Image source: Kenichi Morinaga /Comedy Pets

‘Big Boss is the Boss around here. He is gentle and kindness just big’

#2 ‘A Lovely Couple’ By Lana Polykova

Image source: Lana Polykova /Comedy Pets

‘I couldn’t get past this couple!’

#3 ‘When Digging Gets Serious’ By Sophie Boynton

Image source: Sophie Boynton /Comedy Pets

‘Shadow was digging holes as normal at the beach, when all of a sudden he was showing off his new technique! Luckily the camera was at the ready for this crazy position!’

#4 ‘Barking’ By Chris Porsz

Image source: Chris Porsz /Comedy Pets

‘In March 2019 I was sat in the Union Sq New York dog run when I spotted a lady with a pink bag on her hand ( to keep her hand clean) throwing a ball to her dog which was sat down facing her. The dog then launched itself and flipped in mid air to face me and snap! As you can see the lady with her hand on her head was as surprised as me and I think she is saying phew! I have searched in vain via the NY media to find the owner so that I can send her a copy. No joy so I am hoping this Pet Comedy competition can help me find the mystery woman and her leaping dog. You never know!’

#5 ‘A Life Changing Event’ By Michel Zoghzoghi

Image source: Michel Zoghzoghi /Comedy Pets

‘Alex is the shy one. Max is the playful one. Together they form a lethally cute duo. I had more fun taking photos of these two than during my most adventurous wildlife photography trips’

#6 ‘So This Is The Source Of Happiness’ By Corinne Mooser

Image source: Corinne Mooser /Comedy Pets

‘That explains so much :D (Don’t worry, it’s just regular hemp for industry)’

#7 ‘Albert Enstein’ By Masayoshi Yamamoto

Image source: Masayoshi Yamamoto /Comedy Pets

‘He sticked out his tongue at me as famous Einstein’s photo’

#8 ‘The 498th Round Of Hide And Seek’ By Kim Horstmanshof

Image source: Kim Horstmanshof /Comedy Pets

‘Misty the spaniel desperately wanted to play with Nala, the dignified older lady of the menagerie. She wasn’t that keen, fortunately Misty was pretty terrible at hide and seek’

#9 ‘Zorro Reborn’ By Karl Goldhamer

Image source: Karl Goldhamer /Comedy Pets

‘The avenger of the poor is back, but this time as a dog and not on a horse, but in a car! The obligatory black mask is a must, of course’

#10 ‘Who Are You?’ By Udo Krauss

Image source: Udo Krauss /Comedy Pets

‘Our cat Lilly played with a mouse, we saved the mouse and our dog Amy was fascinated by the mouse’

#11 ‘Pop Up’ By Kazutoshi Ono

Image source: Kazutoshi Ono /Comedy Pets

‘He seems to pop out of the autumn leaves, doesn’t he?’

#12 ‘Oscar ‘ By Lana Polykova

Image source: Lana Polykova /Comedy Pets

‘Yes, his name is Oscar. He is an Afghan greyhound and is very pleased with himself’

#13 ‘Victory’ By Kazutoshi Ono

Image source: Kazutoshi Ono /Comedy Pets

‘Perfect landing pose, right?’

#14 ‘Keep Your Eye On The Ball’ By Gill Woodcock

Image source: Gill Woodcock /Comedy Pets

#15 ‘My Face When My Crush Says Hi’ By Kerstin Leichtenmüller

Image source: Kerstin Leichtenmüller /Comedy Pets

‘We tried to get a dreamy autumn photo of Milo – instead of lying a bit on his side he rolled around like crazy. His family loves this shot because it shows his personality better than any other picture’

#16 ‘Football Free Kick’ By Kenichi Morinaga

Image source: Kenichi Morinaga /Comedy Pets

‘The pressure of football and waiting for free kick’

#17 ‘Bidule As Goal Keeper’ By Felix Larcher

Image source: Felix Larcher /Comedy Pets

‘We ware playing with our cat named Bidule, with a ballpaper !’

#18 ‘Is It A Seal Or A Dog’ By Monyque Macedo Dos Santos

Image source: Monyque Macedo Dos Santos /Comedy Pets

‘There’s a hiding place under the sofa where Louis (the dog) likes to hide, that day I took his tennis ball from “his place”, he got angry and put his head out through the hole barking asking for his ball back, that’s when he turned into this angry seal, and I decided to register the moment’

#19 ‘Flying Poodle’ By John Young

Image source: John Young /Comedy Pets

‘This is Barney our toy poodle, caught mid-flight whilst running’

#20 ‘Little Daisy And Her Big Future’ By Darya Zelentsova

Image source: Darya Zelentsova /Comedy Pets

‘Two sisters from different litters: self-confident Crystal and cute baby Daisy’

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