30 Times People Wanted To Say Something Else But Failed Due To Language Barrier

Published 6 months ago

Language is a powerful tool, but it can also be a tricky one, especially when it comes to translation. The nuances and idiosyncrasies of different languages often lead to unintentional humor when translating from one tongue to another.

In the realm of English translations, there have been countless instances of hilarious fails and typos that not only leave native speakers scratching their heads but also provide a good laugh for everyone involved. The Facebook page “Translation Gone Wrong” shares hilarious examples of English translation mishaps that showcase the beauty of language gone awry. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Bathroom Feminism

Image source: 30mintranslate

Cloblobster : “He-man’s female counterpart”

TotallyNOTAFox : “I wonder how Tony Stark got his own bathroom there”

#2 Here You Can Even Steal For Free

Image source: 30mintranslate

Ravioli : “I think in Denmark you can claim someone’s lost child after 2 hours soooo..”

Mr. Nurse Man : “I need new luggage anyway, so don’t mind if I do!”

#3 Fortune Cookies: “You Will Gain Admiration From Your Pears.”

Image source: 30mintranslate

Kevin the Manager : “They pear into my soul.”

MikeInSociety (they/them) : “Ah my good old friends, the pears”


Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “Today is always under construction, never finished. When today finishes, it becomes yesterday.”

LauraDragonWench : “Whew! That explains a lot, thanks!”

#5 Isn’t This Your Definition Of Great Customer Service?

Image source: 30mintranslate

Multa Nocte : “They would have to pay me a LOT to work there . . . . .”

#6 Cash, Please. I Left My Octopus At Home

Image source: 30mintranslate

EDWIN FAWCETT : “Octopus Card used in Hong Kong. Use on MTR Buses and at 7-11 etc”

Jack Smith : “damn. can i pay with squid instead? I’m all out of octopi.”

#7 A Revolutionary New Marketing Strategy

Image source: 30mintranslate

LauraDragonWench : “Taste test before I buy? Okay! 👍”

MikeInSociety (they/them) : “And that kids…..is how covid started again”

#8 Literally Lost In Translation

Image source: 30mintranslate

Tucker Cahooter : “Probably if they had they would have got “Translate server error””

#9Watch Out!

Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “Not untrue. A false sense of safety can be dangerous. Vigilance is key.”

#10 -What’s Up? -Sunshine!

Image source: 30mintranslate

Space Bunny<3 : “This is wholesome”

LokisLilButterknife : “The katakana does indeed transliterate into “sunshine” , so the translation really isn’t that far off (I sadly can’t read the kanji anymore as it’s been quite some time since I studied Japanese). I think they are reffering to “Sunshine City” which is a building complex in part of Tokyo.”

#11 Sunday Mood

Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “I wouldn’t dare! Let the tiny grass dream.”

Multa Nocte : “Why is this so sweet?”

#12 Rebellious Freezer!

Image source: 30mintranslate

TotallyNOTAFox : “Rage against the machine and the machine rages back!”

#13 How Not To Encourage Your Children To Clean Up After Themselves

Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “Is there a smart child version so you can tell your kids which one is your favourite?”

#14 Don’t You Agree?

Image source: 30mintranslate

Francois : “So true, without them in public I definitely I would feel not happy”

#15 Get In Line, Guys!

Image source: 30mintranslate

Nacho Man Sandy Ravage : “Johnny Cash wouldn’t be happy”

Passerby : “This is not a mistranslation. It is just an unfortunate transliteration. It is the name of a subway station in Bangkok.”

#16 Sunday Morning Coffee Anyone?

Image source: 30mintranslate

Space Bunny<3 : “I had trouble understanding this”

Multa Nocte : “Whoa! I feel kinda sexy now after this – count me in!”

#17 Not Feel Well – Get Drunk

Image source: 30mintranslate

Jack Smith : “are they TELLING me to get drunk if i ALREADY dont feel well? because i dont think that’ll fly well. im underage.”

David : “No pooping on the invisible toilets. They are for display only. /S”

#18 Hygiene Tip Of The Day

Image source: 30mintranslate

Space Bunny<3 : “Sadly last time it happened my teacher told I was not the best.”

#19 Do Not Diet, It’s Friday!

Image source: 30mintranslate

Multa Nocte : “I’m so curious about this one. Can someone here translate it for us?”

#20 Brilliant

Image source: 30mintranslate

ynyrhydref56 : “This is my favourite”

* * * Being_Cori * * * : “that’s cos someone cut the wires.”

#21 !! Warning !!

Image source: 30mintranslate

Ravioli : “I had a stroke trying to read this”

pineapple87 : “The only thing that makes sense is the do not vomit on the floor, which sounds like a reasonable request.”

#22 Or Else..!

Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “You can’t tell me what to do!”

David : “The sad part is that they need that sign in any language. It appears to be a flush button for a toilet. If you don’t know to flush the public toilet when you are dong going – the sign probably won’t help a lot.”

#23 Behave Yourself!

Image source: 30mintranslate

Ravioli : “behave yourself Jesus”

zgillet : “This one made me actually laugh.”

#24 A Quick Visit!

Image source: 30mintranslate

LauraDragonWench : “They stole the sign hanging on my front door.”

pineapple87 : “This seems like a border control sign.”


Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “I guess you could call this assisted suicide.”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “How high does the cliff jump? Does it jump at scheduled times?”

#1 Candevil Fan : “my parents: “if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?” Me: YEET”

#26 Carefully Slip And Fall Into The Weekend

Image source: 30mintranslate

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Care is always helpful when falling.”

#27 Ouch!

Image source: 30mintranslate

TotallyNOTAFox : “And I bet he has no ragrets”

#28 Whatever Blows Your Bubble

Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “That sounds more like an invitation than a warning”

#29 What About A Carrot Phone?

Image source: 30mintranslate

Multa Nocte : “This anti-vegan crowd is getting out of control.”

#30 Or Not!

Image source: 30mintranslate

pineapple87 : “Challenge accepted!”

Travelling Stranger : “i had fun once, it was terrible”

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