10+ Funny Situations That Husbands Of Pregnant Wives Have To Face Each Day

Published 7 years ago

Hormones during pregnancy can get a little out of hand. In other words, they can make some mommies-to-be a little crazy. And, of course, it’s their husbands that have to suck it up and deal with it all in the nicest way possible.

The men that shared their stories below had to go through it all. Crazy pregnancy cravings? Check. Inexplicable mood swings? Check. Stocking your fridge up with jars upon jars of pickles? Check – anything to make their wives happy and comfortable.

To have a little giggle scroll down and check out the funny pregnancy anecdotes.


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#1 My Pregnant Wife Sent This To Me At 2:12am This Morning. I’m Going To Guess That My Snoring Was Quite Bad Last Night

Image source: batgaz

#2 Going Shopping

Image source: corymoyta

#3 My Pregnant Wife Demanded I Go To The Store For Frozen Yogurt. I Was Temped To Play A Joke, But Wanted To Live

Image source: ThePantser

#4 Sorry

Image source: ms_mojoe

#5 Morning Nausea

Image source: ChrisnotBritton

#6 My Pregnant Wife

Image source: dearpreggywife

#7 My Pregnant Wife Couldn’t Quite Reach The Table. She Improvised

Image source: jb69029

#8 Nice Messages

Image source: GrantVoges

#9 When You Need A Little Extra Help

Image source: __moniiloveee

#10 Most Valuable Purchase Of The Week

Image source: KansazJay


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