20 Witty Programmer Humor For All The Programmers Out There

Published 10 months ago

Whether you’re a pro coder or just getting started, you’re gonna love this post. It’s way more relatable for you than for folks like me who don’t know a thing about coding and all that ‘magic’ happening ‘inside’ our computers.

More than 3 million people are part of the r/ProgrammerHumor community, and they’re constantly dishing out some of the funniest jokes you can find. Every single day, they’re churning out hilarious content that’s sure to tickle the funny bone of anyone who’s into programming. Check ou some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 1

Image source: Vajaspiritos

#2 For Real Though

Image source: Far_Calligrapher_215

#3 Now You Have Someone To Code It

Image source: samoosw

#4 *cries*

Image source: GumBeats20

#5 Next Level Storage

Image source: Impulsive_Ranger2410

#6 A Rare Relatable Post From Linkedin’s Vast Sea Of Boomer Humor

Image source: SuhailKakar

#7 The Life Hack :

Image source: VishalMalvi

#8 When Employers Want 10 Years Of Experience Before You Turn 20…

Image source: boss5667

#9 Developers Will Always Find A Way

Image source: Robbotron

#10 Why But Why?

Image source: joemag

#11 Poor Kid

Image source: shantonusen

#12 The Best Answer

Image source: dan_abramov

#13 Perks Of Being A Señor Engineer

Image source: mrprofessor007

#14 Steal What Is Stolen

Image source: LongLiveGOSR

#15 “Oh Gods Of Programming, Have You Blessed Me?”

Image source: blancoaryan

#16 Straight Raw Dogging Vscode

Image source: normalmighty

#17 It’s The Most Important Skill

Image source: CatMcGeeCode

#18 Every Damn Time

Image source: IBN_E_KHAN

#19 I See This Happening To Almost Every Senior Software Professional

Image source: Beautiful_Feed2814

#20 5 Years And I Don’t Know Anything

Image source: Pagal_Hai_Tuu

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