This Online Community Collects Terrible Real Estate Photos, And Here Are 20 Of The Worst Ones

Published 2 years ago

When it comes to real estate listings, there are lots of weird and interesting photos that never fail to entertain people. If you haven’t seen our previous posts about the “Real Estate Agent Photos” and “The Broke Agent“, do check them out and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Today we are featuring a subreddit named ‘Ridiculous Real Estate‘ that is another storehouse for weird and terrible property photos. From a piano ceiling to a carpeted pool, see the weirdest real estate photos in the gallery below!

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#1 Anybody Want To Start A Cult? 21,000 Sqft Rural Compound Listed Near Me That Used To Be A “Faith Healing Ministry”

Image source: Dennardo

#2 Sexy Bath…

Image source: wills2003

#3 I Think This One Counts

Image source: dotknott

#4 It Gets Worse As You Scroll…

Image source: mevoc19

#5 House As Advent Calendar

Image source: ToastyKen

#6 Hope You Like Natural Lighting

Image source: ScottishTorment

#7 I Don’t Think I Would Ever Run Out Of Cabinet Space, That’s For Sure!

Image source: 6Mass1Hole7

#8 Matriochka House

Image source: kiyatooga

#9 Groovy!

Image source: wills2003

#10 Yes This Is The Front, Street Facing Window

Image source: FaustestSobeck

#11 A Bathtub With A View

Image source: sommai2555

#12 I Love It But Wife Says No Way!

Image source: architectofspace

#13 Liminal Space Meets Ridiculous Real Estate

Image source: dead_for_tax_reasons

#14 Just A Tub

Image source: silly_nugget_07

#15 Ever Get Hungry While Showering? Then This Is For You

Image source: I_Love_The_1970s

#16 When The Column Is Bigger Than The Beam It’s Supporting…

Image source: tumblebead

#17 A Carpeted Pool!

Image source: slow_burn–

#18 House Includes 13 Dead People Out Back

Image source: qed3

#19 Okay, We’re Doing Ceiling Pianos Now. Sure

Image source: MsBluffy

#20 Bedroom Toilets And Flying Saucers

Image source: bob_digi

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