10+ Hilarious Single Panel Comics By Lonnie Easterling

Published 7 years ago

Let us introduce you to Lonnie Easterling, the author behind the “Spud Comics,” which she’s been working on for almost nine years now. What makes them special, besides being hilarious, is that Lonnie manages to fit her stories into single panel cartoons that she writes, draws, inks and colors. And by now her website stores over 1100 of them.

“Spud Comics have nothing to do with potatoes (although I’ve drawn some potato comics here and there),” she told Bored Panda. “My grandfather’s nickname for me was ‘Spud’, so I thought I’d use that to name the silly thoughts I’d draw on paper.”

Scroll below for our favorites and if these won’t be enough, make sure to visit her website.

More info: spud comics | facebook | twitter (h/t)

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