People Are Sharing Their Improvised Greeting Cards And They’re Hilarious (32 Pics)

Published 5 years ago

Sometimes holidays catch you by surprise and you have to work with what you have on hand. And we don’t mean giving office supplies you stole from work to your significant other on Valentine’s day – we mean you actually need to get creative.

People online are sharing the greeting cards they altered to better suit the occasion and they’re hilariously creative. Who knew you could turn a “Happy Birthday” card into a Christmas card by adding “Jesus” in the end?

Check out all of the “fixed” greeting cards in the gallery below!

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#1 Not Really Into Valentines Day, But My Boyfriend Played It Well This Year

Image source: katiepeel

#2 Sorry You Got Stabbed

Image source: MayorDeweyMayorDewey

#3 Engangement Is Just As Exciting As Being 2

Image source: VacantMercy

#4 Blursed Birthday Card

Image source: GonzoBalls69

#5 My Dad Accidentally Bought A Same Sex Valentine’s Day Card And Instead Of Getting Another Card, He Drew A Little Beard On One Of The Women

Image source: PJSamus

#6 I Didn’t Have A Card For My Friend’s Birthday, But I Did Have A Sharpie And A Card For A Baby

Image source: spikeandrea

#7 Best Brain Surgery Ever

Image source: MayorDeweyMayorDewey

#8 My Sense Of Humor: Getting Birthday Cards With The Wildly Incorrect Age On It For People

Image source: MayorDeweyMayorDewey

#9 I Finished My Phd! This Is The Card My Sister Gave Me

Image source: bhudak

#10 I’m A Near Thirty Year Old, Near 250 Lb, Very Hairy Man. The Shop Was Running Short On Cards Though. Close Enough?

Image source: unknown

#11 Couldn’t Find A Decent Card For My Friend At His Last Birthday, Had To Improvise

Image source: bebopghost

#12 My Friend Had Surgery On Her Deviated Septum Today (She Accidentally Called It A Deviated Scrotum), So A Friend And I Got Her A Card

Image source: willybg

#13 My Mom Found Out My Dad Has Been Cheating And Since They Don’t Exactly Make Cards For This Occasion I Had To Improvise

Image source: Citrous_Oyster

#14 My Fiancé Just Got This Card From Her Parents And The Inside Made Us Lol

Image source: that1bloodyguy

#15 Sent My Husband To Buy A Baby Shower Gift Bag. Dammit

Image source: MangoBlisters

#16 This Is The Card I Gave My Brother For His Birthday

Image source: yupthisisandy

#17 The Wife And I Agreed We’d Only Get Greeting Cards From The Dollar Store. I Had To Get Creative For Her 30th Birthday

Image source: Triscuits-

#18 Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day Yesterday, So I Just Grabbed Any Card And Fixed It Before I Gave It To Him

Image source: Thexthy

#19 I Found The Perfect Holiday Card To Include With My Secret Santa Gifts

Image source: IAlbatross

#20 Accidentally Bought A Gift Voucher In A Birthday Card For Works Secret Santa. Fixed In Five Seconds, I’m Sure They Won’t Notice

Image source: sh00rs1gn

#21 My Mom Really Likes 101 Dalmations. I Got Her A Christmas Card. Close Enough

Image source: Apocrathia

#22 Perfect Card For Your College-Bound Sibling

Image source: smooshie

#23 Got This Stack Of Random Cards At Goodwill For $0.69. I Am Giving Them All To My Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day. None Of Them Are Valentine’s Related

Image source: JNason

#24 Birthday Card

Image source: mtlnobody

#25 My Husband Couldn’t Find A 30th Birthday Card For Me

Image source: wcreature

#26 My Dad’s Birthday Card To Me On My 23rd Birthday

Image source: topherlicious

#27 Getting Cards For A Wildly Different Occasions And Customizing Them To Fit The Holiday You Need

Image source: MayorDeweyMayorDewey

#28 I Didn’t Have Enough For A Birthday Card For My Friend. So I Had To ‘Recycle’ An Old One

Image source: Mrshambles

#29 My Dad Loved Our Thoughtful Card Today

Image source:

#30 I Decided To Go The Nontraditional Method Of Getting A Card To Congratulate My Roommate And His Fiance On Getting Married. Nailed It?

Image source: BreeBree214

#31 My Aunt Gave Me A Birthday Card…

Image source: IAmNotEntertained

#32 The Dollar Store Didn’t Have Any Engagement Cards. I Had To Improvise

Image source: Lorkal

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