Mother Captures The True Friendship Between Her Young Daughter And Their English Bulldog

Published 10 years ago

From the day Harper was born, her mother Rebecca Leimbach has been documenting the tight-knit friendship between the girl and Lola, the family’s English bulldog. After going through a lot of trouble to be able to have Harper, Rebecca and her husband struggled to have a sibling for their little girl. After many treatments, it became clear that Harper will be their only child, but Rebecca was pleasantly surprised to see that Harper’s true friend and “sibling” – Lola – had been in their home all along.

Leimbach, a professional portrait and lifestyle photographer, captured the special bond that Harper and Lola share. The portraits depict beautiful games and dressing up adventures that are adorable, heartwarming and natural. According to Leimbach, Lola looks after Harper and treats her as she would treat her own puppy. And when she has Lola by her side, Harper couldn’t be happier.

Leimbach notes: “I hope that people see what wonderfully amazing animals dogs are, and how their connection with people shapes our lives.

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“Portrait of a lady. Jackie O’no you didn’t.” writes Leimbach on her Facebook.

“Harper + Lola {bathtub edition} Because it’s -400 degrees outside. What the hell else do you do when you’re trapped in the house?”

“Harp + Lola {Breakfast edition} ‘That was delicious… now it’s nap time.’ -Lola Leimbach (She’s sleeping in this picture, it’s a problem. Girlfriend is narcoleptic).”

“Harp + Lola {Copacabana edition}: ‘Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl. With yellow feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there.’ ‘His name was Rico, he wore a diamond. He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there.’ ~Barry Manilow”

“Harper + Lola {Painting edition} We have been trapped in the house (because of this God forsaken freezing cold), so we do what we can to stay busy. And yes, Lola fell asleep standing there.”

“Bathing suit in 20 degree weather, check. Ratty hair, check. Pink winged horse, check. Strapping it to your dog for her to pull you, check. This my friends did not end well.”

” ‘So then what happened?’ ~Lola Leimbach “

” ‘So then the monsta ate all the socks from under the bed…’ ~Harper. ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, huh? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’ ~Lola”

“This is prime example of how a picture can be deceiving. You may look at this and say “Awe, so sweet”. The truth of the matter is that these two butt holes were in a time out. One for trying to attack a shih tzu while dressed in a brave costume and the other for hitting the attacker with a stick! I think they were plotting their revenge in this image.”

“Harper + Lola {Hibernation edition} It’s -25 wind chill today. A great day to stay in bed and watch cartoons with a bed hog.”

“Harper + Lola {Hump day edition} ‘Please note: My child was not hurt in the taking of this image! Harper thinks it’s the funniest thing on Earth to antagonize Lola. When Lola has had enough, she will show her who’s bigger.”

“Harp + Lola {Hoodie edition} ‘Prankster, prankster, story book gangster.’ -Eazy E”

“Harper + Lola {Lederhosen edition} Guten Tag. These were her Dad’s Lederhosen when he was a child. Seriously? Could you die? And like all good Germans, Lola is sporting a scarf.”

“Harper hit Lola with a Barbie after Lola attempted to eat Harper’s breakfast. Harper was put in a time out and forced to apologize. Lola sat next to her with this pathetic “let her up Mom” look the entire five minutes.”

“Harp + Lola {The rabbit & the mouse edition} The rabbit is currently not speaking to either of us.”

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