20 Times Non-Professional Interior Designers Decorated Their Homes And Shared The Results Online

Published 2 years ago

Some people hire amazing interior designers to modify their houses according to their aesthetic needs, while others just try to improve the look of their homes by using their own ideas and skills. If you belong to the second category, we’ve collected some great ideas for you to get inspired and implement in your homes.

The subreddit “Home Decorating Ideas” offers a variety of decor ideas as people share photos of their beautifully self-designed homes in the group. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I Hand Painted A Mural In My Dining Room. I Find Painting Very Relaxing, And Now Have Three Different Murals In My Home

Image source: Pinkpurplegreentea

#2 I Moved In With My Boyfriend A Year Ago. The Place Has Changed A Little

Image source: Ok-Huckleberry476

#3 Reading Corner

Image source: Mariam_Eljasmy

#4 This Is Actually Smart

Image source: xXboxPlaysx

#5 Little Things Can Make All The Difference. Loving The Way My Couch Looks With Updated Legs!

Image source: JustViolinisty

#6 Wanted To Share My Pink Ceiling Lamp That I Thrifted For 9.99$ P.s. Still On The Hunt For A Rug

Image source: girlitsthrifted

#7 Small Patio On A Budget. Before And After

Image source: lucia_eoy

#8 The Before And After Of Our DIY Kitchen Makeover

Image source:  izzzziie

#9 Military Housing Made Cozy

Image source: pizzainertia

#10 My Boyfriend Made This Lamp For Me! It Is Stained Glass, Wood, And Birch

Image source: knitpurlhurl

#11 Finally Renovated Our Guest Bath

Image source: HougeetheBougie

#12 The Previous Owners Had Painted The Lovely Floors

Image source:  SvDeez

#13 Not Sure If This Counts As Home Decorating. Our Garage Is The Only Part Of Our House You Can See From The Street So We Commissioned An Artist To Paint A Mural, We Love It

Image source: nicthepom

#14 Just Want To Share My New Design. Jellyfish Night Light

Image source: Annjohn3

#15 Kitchen Renovation Before / After

Image source:  decoapartment

#16 Kitchen Remodel Before / After

Image source: decoapartment

#17 We Turned My Laundry Room Closet Into A Desk For Me. Added Wallpaper Today. I’m In Love

Image source: eviesadoll

#18 Painted My Hutch Black And Hung Some Peel ‘N’ Stick Wallpaper. Makes Such A Dramatic Difference In Our Small Builders Grade Home!

Image source: old.reddit.com

#19 My Girlfriend Wanted To Try A Bold Colour For Our Dining Room. I Think It Turned Out Fantastic!

Image source: Nancyrtuy

#20 From What We Could Tell, Former Residents Used To Smoke In This Bathroom…. What Started As Attempts To Get Rid Of The Smell Turned Into A Mini-Facelift That I’m Now Pretty Proud Of. Before & After

Image source: Commercial_Ad_1440

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