150 Toy Guns Combined Into A Remarkable USA Map Installation

Published 10 years ago

“Gun Country” is a remarkable and controversial installation by visual artist Michael Murphy. In this wonderful example of forced perspective art, he suspended 150 toy guns on nearly invisible line on the roof of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, positioning them so that, when viewed from the front, they would form a map of the contiguous United States.

The installation addresses one of the biggest wounds in contemporary American life, but Murphy is quick to explain that he’s not pushing a certain perspective on gun control. “Every viewer that I have discussed the piece with has seemed inclined to tell me their stance on guns,” he told My Modern Met. “Through this conversation that the piece inspires, it is my hope that people will think more critically about their stance on guns and gun related issues.

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More info: mmike.comVimeo (h/t: thisisnthappiness, mymodernmet)






“Gun Country” in video:

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