10 Mind-Blowing Glass-Blown Vases By Ukrainian Artist Kateryna Sokolova

Published 1 year ago

Kateryna Sokolova is a Ukrainian designer who creates magnificent vases showing the breathtaking malleability of glass. In her “GUTTA” series for the Ukrainian design brand NOOM, she expresses the rich tradition of glass-blowing in Ukraine and gives her sculptural vessels the appearance of frozen liquid.

In an interview with Demilked, Kateryna revealed, “I have wanted to work with glass for a long time, and honestly, the material suggested the shape by itself and completely changed my first concept. We had a lot of experiments with the form; glass is difficult to tame, so each object is unique and has its own original properties.”

Check out some of her stunning works in the gallery below.

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Image source: NOOM

“It took about 1.5 years from the concept to the final project,” said the artist, “We experimented a lot with the form. As well, our plans were greatly influenced by Russia’s war against Ukraine began, and we were forced to move our manufacturing, establish new logistics routes, etc.”


Image source: NOOM

Kateryna explained her creative process further and elaborated, “As I already said, we experimented a lot with the artisans, and there were a lot of trial vases. Finding “exactly that form” is an exciting creative process that inspires and energizes. It’s a powerful feeling when you realize that a thousand years ago, your ancestors stood at the glass furnace and, in the same way, tried to tame the glass and translate it into the form.”


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM


Image source: NOOM

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