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Rainbow Cat Haircut Is The Hot New Trend On Instagram

Published 5 years ago

Looking for a new hairstyle and love cats? Then you’re going to love this new hairstyle that St. Petersburg-based hairdresser Aliya Askarova has come up with.

Russian Instagram user Katichka got to be one of the first (of many, no doubt) lucky recipients of this standout cat lover’s haircut. The technique is actually called Hair Tattoo, where an image or pattern is shaved into an undercut beneath the hair at the back of the head. You can conveniently hide the picture and reveal it only when you brush your hair aside.

Not a cat person? How about these hair tattoo ideas?

More info: instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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“I always take my sleepy cat with me,” says Katichka








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