20 Individuals Are Reflecting On Their Life Mistakes To Help Others

Published 1 year ago

We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes, those mistakes can be devastating and have long-lasting consequences. However, what sets individuals apart is their ability to learn from those mistakes and grow into wiser, more resilient individuals.

A recently viral Reddit thread offers valuable pieces of advice from people who have experienced the hard lessons firsthand. These individuals have turned their mistakes into opportunities for growth, and they generously share their insights to help others avoid similar pitfalls. Scroll below to read some useful life advice from the viral online thread.

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Image source: Shortiie5115, ?? Janko Ferlič


It’s an easy safety precaution you can take when rollerblading, biking, skateboarding, scootering etc. And it can literally save your life. Went all through the 90’s thinking helmets were lame… Fell while rollerblading in my 30’s and got a subdural hematoma, I wasn’t going fast but the momentum from how I fell just slammed my head into concrete.



Image source: this_guy_here_says, Pixabay

Dumb people get old too, age doesn’t equal wisdom, nor does it earn you respect.


Image source: capresesalad1985, cottonbro studio

HR is there to protect the company, not you.


Image source: queloqueamigo, Lukas

Just because a person with authority tells you to do something, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.


Image source: el_monstruo, wu yi

A falling knife has no handle.


Image source: 2bornnot2b, Anna Shvets

Loyalty to a company does not pay.


Image source: Gadrilor, Aleisha Kalina

Learn when to stop drinking and call it a night.


Image source: FriscoFrank98, Romain Dancre

Money doesn’t exist until the deposit hits your bank account and business promises mean nothing until legal documents are signed


Image source: MISTERDIEABETIC, Kindel Media

Stand up for yourself. If you get in the habit of letting people walk all over you, it’ll be extremely difficult to reverse. Even if you’re not confident, just fake it till you make it!


Image source: Edgezg, Stanley Morales

Always take a chance to tell someone you love them. To give them a hug.

Never end a conversation on a harsh word.

Both for the same reason. **You never know if you will get to see that person alive again.**

I learned both those lessons from each of my parents.


Image source: astoneworthskipping, Jopwell

Making jokes about my trauma makes my trauma easier for me to deal with.

Making jokes about the trauma of others is f****d up and not my place.


Image source: KaiJonez, Ethan Sykes

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

S**t happens and it doesn’t really need to have a reason.

Sometimes you will be the bad guy, and sometimes you will be the good guy.

It happens.


Image source: The_AmyrlinSeat, rebcenter moscow

Using substances to cope is actually the opposite of coping and the only thing you can be sure of is the eventuality of everything blowing up in your face.

139 days sober.


Image source: cpu5555, Christian Dubovan

Do not spend like there’s no tomorrow. Tomorrow will come and it won’t be pretty.


Image source: the_rice_life, Cedric Fauntleroy

Dental care is expensive!! Never be lazy with oral hygiene.


Image source: Ko_ogs72, Helena Lopes

Not everyone is a good person. Some people actually want to see you fail. Stop oversharing. These nasty people will use it against you.


Image source: 8-Bakugo-8, Cytonn Photography

There’s always other jobs out there. Don’t stay in a s****y one just cuz you think no one else would hire you.


Image source: Daleee, Pixabay

1000 is not a lot of money to have but is a lot of money to owe.


Image source: Medium_Dare_6657, Annie Spratt

You are not your emotions. You are an awareness who observes them.


Image source: Tropicsenshi, whoislimos

It’s possible to make no wrong moves and still lose.

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