Published 8 years ago

Everyone hates someone. It’s just human. Now you can skate the hate away.

Ben Buswell and Dalatando Almeida are the London based creatives behind Hateboards. A skate project that encourages you to channel your hatred for certain pop stars, politicians, celebrities and turn it into a powerful motivator. The underside graphics of any skateboard always gets totally wrecked through flips and grinds. They decided to fill that canvas that inevitably gets destroyed with the faces of people we love to hate. The art was the handy work of Ryan James Neal. Welsh artist and animator. The boards, made from the highest quality Canadian maple wood are finished and shipped from the USA. Whether you skate, street, park or pool they got you covered. The boards will be in stock very soon, with new ones dropping later in the year including a fake tanned toupee wearing yank that brings out the best in people.


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