30 Heartwarming Pics Of Animals Being Their Wholesome Best

Published 12 months ago

In this crazy, chaotic world, it’s essential to take a breather and soak in the simple joys of life. And what better way to do that than by indulging in some heart-melting cuteness? We’re talking about those moments when animals show us their kind, affectionate, and undeniably adorable sides.

From the gentle nuzzling of a mother and her young to the unlikely friendships formed across species, these heartwarming moments remind us of the inherent goodness that exists in the animal kingdom. Check out some of of the most wholesome animal pics in the gallery below.

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#1 Flat Tire

Image source: MoonieNine

#2 I Hope This Picture Will Brighten Your Day A Bit

Image source: AbeLincolnIsInACent

#3 When You Tell Her A Story That She Doesn’t Understand, But She Loves You Anyway

Image source: 10Dante4

#4 This Is My Boyfriend’s Office, He Works From Home. Here Are All Of The Socks She Brought Up From The Basement To The Third Floor For Him Today

Image source: hikingfortheviews

#5 The Little Thing Might Just

Image source: dog_rates

#6 They’re Waiting In Line

Image source: natemook

#7 We Don’t Have Kids So My Wife And I Take Our Dog Around To Look At The Lights. He Loves It

Image source: pacmaneatsfruit

#8 Our Dog Has Hardly Left My Wife’s Side Since Baby Arrived. He’s A Proud Older Brother

Image source: TheBaconmaker

#9 Came Home To My Roommate’s Dog Protecting My Kitten From The Loud Thunder And Lightning Outside

Image source: YungDemon

#10 This Is Luna. She’s Not Usually Allowed On The Couch, But There Are Bigger Problems In The World, So She’ll Be Right Here If You Need Her

Image source: WeRateDogs

#11 Couldn’t Figure Out Why My Music Kept Pausing

Image source: drewtheblueduck

#12 He Likes To Monch. It’s Gonna Be A Loooooong Car Ride

Image source: Freeman Farm Miniature Cows

#13 Love Comes In All Different Shapes And Sizes

Image source: MoonMan420

#14 A Cat Misses His Sister. He Sits Like This Every Day For Half An Hour. Animals Are Similar To Humans

Image source: Jaxteller91

#15 I’m Currently In The Early Stages Of Labor And I Think They All Know It

Image source: highly_uncertain

#16 This Is Truffles. She Works At A Children’s Optometrist To Help Them Feel Better About Wearing Glasses

Image source: PhoneJazz

#17 Went To The Beach Feeling Bad About Having To Hang Alone, This Cutie Decided To Join Me Out Of Nowhere And Helped Me Feel Much Better

Image source: nakedcrusaydur

#18 Orangutan Jungle School

Image source: yashar

#19 I’ve Been Taken Hostage. Send Help

Image source: reddit.com

#20 A Real Gentle Giant

Image source: JackCooper92

#21 My Brother Is In Another State Right Now Due To His Job. His Wife Decided To Set Up A Skype Date For Him And His Dog

Image source: Rissix

#22 She’s An Old Lady, But When She Looks At Me Like This, She’s My Little Kitten Again

Image source: twerking4teemo

#23 Nothing Like The Soothing Feel Of A Wonderful Furry Baby

Image source: John_Gilimour

#24 I Feel Like It Was Saying “You First”

Image source: ColleenLindsay

#25 A Family Meowed On My Door And I Adopted Them

Image source: ericadias

#26 Sweet Support Dog Who Gives Comfort To Children At The Dentist, Priceless

Image source: reddit.com

#27 My Girlfriend Put A Bird Feeder On Our Deck. This Bastard Ate Himself To Sleep

Image source: anonymuscles

#28 The Gang

Image source: throwaway27140

#29 Murphy, The Bald Eagle That Was Trying To Hatch A Rock, Has Been Given A Chick To Raise. Here He Is Feeding It

Image source: slimenite

#30 Precious Golden Retriever Allows Lost Koala Joey To Snuggle With Her

Image source: Getafix84

A lost koala Joey has been found snuggled onto the back of a family’s golden retriever. The Joey is believed to have been lost and found it way onto the family’s back porch and used the golden for warmth.
The golden is believed to have allowed Joey to spend the entire night on her back before the family found her like this the following morning.

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