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Never Leave The Warmth Of Your Bed With This Japanese Invention

Published 5 years ago

Still sleeping in a bed like some baka gaijin? You should definitely get a kotatsu, like all the cool (and even not cool) Japanese kids do. Kotatsu is a ubiquitous table, heater and blanket combo found in every Japanese household. Most Japanese houses are built with hot summers in mind, so in winter, you turn on the heater on your table, put a blanket in between the double tabletop, and snuggle up. You can even sleep there!

While kotatsu started with charcoal and hearths of 14th century, modern ones have electric heaters. The original kotatsu could heat the entire body, as the warmth would enter through the traditional Japanese robes, travel upwards and exit near the neck. And while there are some reservations against sleeping under a kotatsu at night, there are some that enjoy it without any problems: cats!

(h/t: aplus)

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Image source: Belle Maison


Image source: Belle Maison


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Image source: Belle Maison


Image source: Belle Maison


Image source: Belle Maison


Image source: Belle Maison


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