Hidden Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe Unlocked After Almost 50 Years, Unveils Intimate Details About Her Life

Published 7 years ago

One of the most famous Mexican painters, Frida Kahlo, left a mark on the world with her art, expression of political views, and vibrant personality when she passed away in 1954. But not everybody knows that she also left her unique collection of clothes, which were revealed to the public once again after being locked away for almost 50 years.

Frida’s husband, Diego Rivera, was left with an impressive wardrobe of his wife, which he decided to seal in the bathroom of their Mexico City home, and ordered to keep them hidden away until 15 years after his death. He passed away soon after in 1957, but Kahlo’s belongings were left locked until 2004 when the museum decided to catalog its content.

The photographer who got the privilege to immortalize over 300 of Frida’s wardrobe items was the renowned Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako, who did the job using only a 35mm Nikon camera and a natural light.

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#1 Kahlo’s Earrings

#2 Prosthetic Leg

Kahlo’s leg was amputated in 1953. She designed this prosthetic leg with embroidered red lace-up boots and a bell attached.

#3 Classic Cats-Eye Glasses

#4 Kahlo’s Outfits

Kahlo’s friends noted that the more pain she felt, and the more incapacitated she became, the more elaborate her outfits were.

#5 Kahlo’s Fringed Boots

#6 Traditional Tehuana Dress

Kahlo’s right leg was thinner than her left after childhood polio – and it was later fractured in 11 places when she had a horrific bus accident in her 20s. As a result, she wore long, traditional Tehuana dresses that concealed her lower body.

#7 Kahlo’s Knit Swimsuit In Mint Green

#8 Frida’s Cast Corset

After her bus accident, Kahlo was in a full body cast for three months, and she remained in pain for the rest of her life. She painted her casts and corsets, turning them from medical equipment into artworks.

#9 Portable Ashtray

#10 Frida’s Cast Corset

#11 Kahlo’s Nail Polish

#12 A Skirt Of Green Silk And Lace Attached To A Body Corset

#13 Skirt Fabric

#14 A Comb Still Covered With Strands Of The Artist’s Hair

#15 Kahlo’s Gloves

#16 Tehuana Lacy Headdress

#17 Kahlo’s Scarf

#18 Kahlo’s Outfits

#19 Bottle Of Perfume

#20 Kahlo’s Stockings

#21 One Of The Corsets Worn By Kahlo

#22 Kahlo’s Vest

#23 An Old Black T-shirt


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