10 Adulthood Comics That Are Sad And Hilarious At The Same Time

Published 7 years ago

Is adulthood everything you ever dreamed of when you were a kid? Or it’s not all that ‘do whatever I want’ and ‘being my own boss’ deal? Yeah… there’s quite a bit more going on in the life of an adult and some of it, frankly, is quite hilarious as these artists were quick to illustrate.

Bored Panda has collected 10 of the most spot-on depictions of life as an adult, from the same unrealistic expectations getting shattered to overworking yourself. And we’re pretty sure you’re about to see yourself in some of these as well.

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Image source: The Awkward Yeti


Image source: Resenate


Image source: nazzquipit


Image source: Loading Artist


Image source: Owlturd


Image source: mrlovenstein


Image source: booksofadam


Image source: John Atkinson


Image source: Poorly Drawn Lines


Image source: Lunarbaboon


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