30 Of The Most Painfully Relatable Memes For Introverts, As Shared On This Instagram Page

Published 2 years ago

Introverts have a beautiful world of their own where they love to pursue their hobbies, read, listen, watch movies, have deep conversations with close friends, or just take long naps. Yet, being an introvert is difficult in this world where most people expect you to behave in an extroverted way.

The online community ‘Introvert Memes’ shares the daily struggles faced by introverts through funny memes. Check out some of their most relatable posts in the gallery below.

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Image source: Silent-Run1831


Image source: reddit.com


Image source: dave_aj


Image source: Oscypek13


Image source: iameerhamza


Image source: milky_eyes


Image source: zoe-or-zelda


Image source: ignisfatuus_


Image source: freshmemesoof


Image source: TheWildColonialBoy1


Image source: futuremilf_20


Image source: mo_leahq


Image source: 835538


Image source: Odd-Seaworthiness-88


Image source: jennaaclaire


Image source: No-Needleworker5295


Image source: lostallhope4


Image source: goddamnfaith12


Image source: BearsAndFelines


Image source: -Black-and-gold-


Image source: zoe-or-zelda


Image source: Heavy_Care_9396


Image source: ignisfatuus_


Image source: milky_eyes


Image source: Abhijith_Saji


Image source: SteffVinograd


Image source: mo_leahq


Image source: beniu2115


Image source: Arpana_Sitoula


Image source: Thekabablord

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