People Are Sharing Their ‘Wrong Number’ Conversations, And Here Are 20 Of The Funniest

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever received a weird text from some unknown number? How did you respond to it? Did you text back with “Wrong number!” or did you play along to see what comes next?

Well, there may be various different reactions to such situations but the best responses are the funny ones. So, today we have collected the screenshots of the funniest responses to wrong numbers. Scroll below to read them, and if you want more, check out our previous posts, here and here.

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#1 Wrong Number, Man

Image source: TheresALeekInDaBoat

#2 Sorry, Wrong Number…. Anyone?

Image source: aradidjumps

#3 Why Would I Wastehis Time?!

Image source: Spicykal

#4 My Name Isn’t Joseph…

Image source: Tapwater200

#5 Got A Wrong Number Text From A Drug Dealer Today

Image source: DankieKang

#6 Should I Tell Him I’m Only 14

Image source: Austin_Armstrong

#7 Kinda Want To Go Fishing Now.

Image source: TheBrickBrain

#8 You Won’t Believe The “Wrong Number” Text I Got This Morning

Image source: DocdurDurf

#9 I’m So Glad My Boyfriend Told Me To Ask If They Could Talk

Image source: SpicyCystak

#10 Random Lady Wishes ‘Horrible Things’ On My Mom

Image source: hiimfriendlyy

#11 New Job; Wrong Number; Bonding Experience

Image source: InsNerdLite

#12 Yeah!!!!! I Got A House You Can Sell!

Image source: funfourme2

#13 Sir, Do You Know How Wrong Numbers Work

Image source: killHACKS

#14 Good Work, Stranger

Image source: TrumpilyBumpily

#15 Thanks Papa Gary

Image source: ridergeek1

#16 My Favorite Thanksgiving Text Ever

Image source: Nolongermrs

#17 Jellybean

Image source: ItS-mEmE_tImE

#18 My Name Is Linda Now

Image source: reddit

#19 *what, You Don’t Want To Get To Know The Wrong Number? But I Just Wanna Get To Know You, Babe!*

Image source: hannahgracie21

#20 They Just Sent Me ‘Ok’ After This I’m Crying

Image source: Toedette

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