Government Requires To Paint Over Clinton’s Mural, So The Artist Does

Published 8 years ago

When Melbourne-based street artist Lushsux was painting Hillary Clinton’s mural he probably didn’t expect it to garner that much attention. But it did. And not only from the passers-by but also from the local city council.

The latter one wasn’t that pleased about it though and ordered the artist to remove the U.S. presidential nominee’s image in a low-cut bikini (conservative much?). But in a true street art fashion, Lushsux has interpreted that in his own way, and instead of just painting over the graffiti, he has redrawn it.

So now Hillary’s provoking bikini has been replaced with a far less revealing (yet no less provoking) niqab – a fully body covering attire worn by women in some of the Muslim countries.

Exactly what the council wanted, right..?

More info: backwoods | instagram

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In cahoots with the secret orde...
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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