35 Times Homeowners Were Too Stubborn To Move Out, And Faced Surprising Consequences

Published 5 years ago

Sometimes the memories and the experience we’ve had in our home makes them worth way more than the millions offered in return to the property. That must have been the case with at least a few of these “holdouts” and “nail houses” that refused to budge when pushed by governments and corporations to sell their property.

While some of the houses merged with the environment in a particularly quirky way, the others stand out high and proud in the middle of roads and under bridges. Whatever the place, they all, however, are monuments that remind us to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in, and don’t allow anyone bully us into submission.

Scroll down below to admire the persistence of house owners all over the world.


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#1 Edith Macefield Refused To Sell Her Home Even After Being Offered More Than 1 Million Dollars For It. She Later Became The Inspiration For The Movie “Up”

#2 Mary Cook Had Refused To Sell Her Narrow, Handsome Home While All The Neighboring Homes Were Demolished. Today The House Sits Tightly Squeezed Between Its Giant Neighbors, Looking Much Like An Illustration From A Children’s Story Book

Image source: wirednewyork.com

#3 Vera Coking First Refused To Sell Her House To Bob Guccione, Who Wanted To Build His Casino Around It. Later She Refused To Sell To Donald Trump

Image source: Library of Congress

#4 An Owner That Refused To Sell His House In Melbourne, Australia

Image source: EddieAteDynamite

#5 One Resident Of A Toronto Duplex Refused To Sell, So They Cut It In Half

Image source: The Huffington Post

#6 This Slender Gothic-Inspired Townhouse, Flanked By Massive Prewar Apartment Buildings Up And Down The Block

Image source: Ephemeral New York

#7 China’s Government Paved A Highway Around These Stubborn Homeowners. The Residents Eventually Moved Out But The House Had Become A Symbol Of Resistance Against Developers

Image source:  news.nationalpost.com

#8 Randal Acker Refused To Sell His Small Queen Anne Victorian Home In Downtown Portland, So They Built A Huge Portland State University Residence Hall Around It

Image source: ackerlaw.com

#9 In Guangzhou, The Authorities Have Had To Build A Ring Road Around This Block Of Flats Because Three Families Would Not Budge

Image source: chinadaily

#10 The House Of Austin Spriggs, Washington D.c. The Owner Was Offered $3 Million, Said No, And Later Sold It For $4 Million

Image source: thecityfix

#11 Although His Is The Only Standing Building In What Used To Be An Old Neighborhood Of Roubaix, In Northern France, Salah Oudjani Refuses To Sell The Coffee House He Has Worked In For The Last 46 Years

#12 Now A Church, This Queen Anne House Prevented Yet Another Apartment Building From Being Constructed

Image source: ephemeralnewyork

#13 Living Under A Bridge

Image source: Dom Dada

#14 Developers Were Forced Into Building Around These Holdouts In Washington DC

Image source: Forgotten New York

#15 A Lone Resident Holds Out Against Luxury Villas In Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, In July 2013

Image source: HAP / Quirky China News / REX

#16 The Founders Of This Hotel Couldn’t Buy These Houses Due To The High Asking Price. So The Hotel Was Built Around The Two Buildings Instead, And They Are Now Souvenir Shops

Image source: Roeland Koning

#17 Farmers Live Stuck In Between Three Highways. Hundreds Of Households Were Relocated But The Government Wasn’t Able To Reach A Consensus With This Family

Image source: news.sina.com

#18 One Chinese Family Refused To Move Their Relatives Ancient Graves. The Small, Bizarre Column Stood 10 Meters Above The Foundation Floor For Months, Until They Finally Accepted Compensation

Image source: AFP

#19 Mrs Wu Ping Was The Only Person From 241 Properties Who Refused To Leave. She Battled With Contractors And Bids For Almost 3 Years Before Caving In April Of 2007 For Quite A Pretty Penny

Image source: venture160

#20 This “Nail House” Is Blocking Traffic In Shanghai

#21 The Spiegelhalter Family Refused To Sell Their Shop To The Expanding Wickhams Department Store

Image source: Reading Tom

#22 This Saloon Refused To Sell Their Property To An Apartment Company And Now The Apartment Has To Build Around Them

Image source: AllCarsEatGas

#23 The Tenant Of This Apartment Building In Kunming, China, Has To Cross A Moat After The Contractors Dug A Ditch To Force The Last Family Out.

#24 The Entire Rockefeller Plaza Complex Was Moved, Due To These Two Buildings Whose Owners Refused To Sell

Image source: ScoutingNY

#25 A Nail House Sits In The Middle Of A Road Under Construction In Nanning, China, In April 2015. The Owner Of The House Didn’t Reach An Agreement With The Local Authority About Compensation For The Demolition

Image source: China Stringer Network / Reuters

#26 Residents Of The Guangfuli Area Of Shanghai Have Collectively Decided Not To Leave Their Homes, Creating An Entire “Nail Neighborhood.” Tao Weiren Sits In Front Of His Two-Story House, Which Is Now Surrounded By High-End Condominium Buildings

Image source: Aly Song / Reuters

#27 The Farm In The Middle Of Narita Airport. Farmers Are Refusing To Give Up Their Land In The Middle Of This Airport In Japan. The Runway Is Only Half Usable Because Of Their Refusal To Relocate. They Are Currently A Literal Stones Throw Away From The Flight Path And Must Be Living An Earth Shaking Experience.

Image source: Google Maps

#28 Hard-Line Developers In China Diverted A River To Encircle Householders Who Refused To Move From Their 900-Year-Old Village

Image source: Imaginechina/ Rex Features

#29 Zheng Meiju Outside Her Nail House In Rui’an, Zhejiang Province, In July 2013. She Has Been Living In The Partially Demolished Home For Nearly A Year, Even Though The Water And Electricity Supply Were Cut

Image source: China Stringer Network / Reuters

#30 The Last House In This Area Stands In Front Of A Shopping Mall In Central China’s Hunan Province

Image source: Stringer Shanghai / Reuters

#31 The ‘Million Dollar Corner’ That Macy’s Had To Build Around, And Then Hide Behind A Billboard

Image source: wiki

#32 The Last House Of An Old Neighborhood Stands Alone In A Future Shanghai World Expo 2010 Parking Lot, Under Nanpu Bridge On April 6, 2010, In Shanghai, China. The Holdout Owner Of The House Was Shi Yuji. The House Was Destroyed Days Later, And The Owner Moved Into A Workers’ Dormitory

Image source: Lucas Schifres / Getty

#33 This “Nail House” House Sits On A Mound Above Ground Level Because The Developer Dug Out The Land Around It

Image source: China Stringer Network / Reuters

#34 Nail Houses Whose Owners Refused To Relocate, At The Construction Field In Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Of China

Image source: VCG

#35 A New Motorway In China Has Been Cut In Two After A Homeowner Refused To Sell Their House To Developers. The Homeowner Has Been Considering Whether To Move Or Not For Years Now

Image source: CEN


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