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100 Cameras Given To The Homeless People In London And This Is The Result

Published 8 years ago

The homeless of London have had the chance to show their artistic chops. The Cafe Art 2016 My London calendar is printed with the photographs they took with free cameras. Cafe Art handed out a hundred disposable Fujifilm cameras to the homeless, and the Royal Photographic society gave lessons. 80 cameras came back, with about 2500 photographs, 12 of which won their place in the calendar.

Cafe Art is a community interest company in London run by Paul Ryan. The aim is to promote the art of artists facinghomelessness, exhibiting it in cafes. The organization has attracted the attention of Christie’s, The Guardian, Fujifilm and others. The 2016 Calendar is currently funded through Kickstarter, and will print 5000 copies. All of the funds earned from sales will go back to funding more homeless art programs!

More info: | facebook | twitter | kickstarter (h/t: petapixel)

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“Everything I Own or Bags of Life, Strand” by David Tovey


“Telephone Row, Lincoln’s Inn” by XO


“Left Boot, East London” by Ellen Rostant


“Colour Festival, Olympic Park” by Goska Calik


Photo by ROL, Which Was Voted To Be The Cover


“Past & Present, City of London” by Ioanna Zagkana


“Nature’s Tunnel or Light and the End, Stratford” by Ellen Rostant


“The Artist, Whitechapel” by Michael Crosswaite


“Tyre Break, Hackney” by Desmond Henry


“Tower Bridge PICNIC, Southwark” by Cecie


“West End Bird, Westminster” by Zin


“Shadow of Self, Hyde Park” by Goska Calik


“Royal Geese Sunset, Kensington Gardens” by Maciek Walorski


80 Cameras Returned With Over 2500 Pictures. Voting Determined The Winners


The Kickstarter Pitch And The Importance Of Disposable Cameras:

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