The Famous #FollowMeTo Photographer Just Posted His Honeymoon Photos

Published 9 years ago

She leads, he follows, and they both end up famous. The #FollowMeTo Instagram couple has finally gotten married and had a honey moon! For starters, they went to Las Vegas, where they took pictures in front of the famous Fountains of Bellagioand on the rooftop of a casino. Then, it was off to the Maldives Islands!

Murad and Natalia (nee. Zakharova) Osmann are couple from Russia. They gained worldwide attention when Murad started the #FollowMeTo series in October 2011. No matter where they travelled – and they traveled extensively – the photos were taken in the same, holding-hands style. They got married a few months back.

I am glad to see their honeymoon pictures didn’t disappoint their fans!

More info: muradosmann | Facebook | Amazon | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: elitedaily)

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Murad and Natalia Osmann started the #FollowMeTo Instagram series in October 2011


Their travels around the world (here’s India) made them famous


Their engagement and marriage photography was done in their signature style!


For the honeymoon, the couple went to Las Vegas


After that, it was time for Maldives!




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