How Led Flashlights Changed the Flashlight Industry

Published 8 years ago

Since the appearance of the led flashlights on the open market the flashlight industry has changed forever. Before the invention of led flashlight the flashlight industry couldn’t provide use with the flashlights that fitted the technological era of 2016. I can’t believe that before led flashlights there weren’t any flashlights that could operate with a larger lumen power above 500 lumens. 

The days where you would have to pay a large sum of money for a powerful flashlight are over now just because of the led flashlights. They are quite different than any type of flashlight on the open market and most importantly they are very affordable for regular people like us who adore revolutionary flashlight technology. 

Why are led flashlights so different that other flashlight models?

When it comes to technology used in led flashlights in order to fully understand their concept you need to know how their hardware works. The hardware on a led flashlight is quite different than the hardware on a regular flashlight. Almost all flashlights in their hardware structure for transmitting the lumen power use a led diode. Led diodes are a very outdated technology that because of the circular body isn’t capable of transmitting the entire lumen capacity of a flashlight.

 The setup on a led flashlight hardware is basically the same except for one minor adjustment. On led flashlights the hardware part that is used for transmitting the lumen capacity is different. Instead of using led diodes they use led chips. Led chips on the other hand have a square body structure that is focusing the lumen power in one direction which allows flashlight to use the entire lumen capacity. This kind of approach is only being used in led flashlights and that is why they have changed the flashlight industry forever.

Top selling led flashlights

When people realized that the led flashlight are much more powerful than all of the other flashlight models, they instantly started to buy led flashlights. Because of the large popularity that led flashlight gained many flashlight companies have tried to take advantage of its popularity and started to advertise their flashlight with the led label. If you interested in buying a led flashlight you need to know that not every flashlight that has the led label is an original led flashlight. In order for a flashlight to be classified as a led flashlight it has to fulfill certain conditions. For now there are only 2 flashlight that can be classified as an original led flashlight and those flashlights are:

Lumitact G700 led flashlight

As one of the best selling flashlights of this year it has been reported and tested that the Lumitact G700 led flashlight fulfills all of the necessary conditions that a led flashlight requires. With a staggering lumen power of 700 lumens and a revolutionary led hardware it is fair to say that this flashlight is the true led flashlight.

Shadowhawk X800 led flashlight

Many people believe that the Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight is the upgraded version of the G700 led flashlight but if you compare these 2 flashlights you will just how different they are. This flashlight is also classified as a led tactical flashlight but experts claim that it is not that advanced as the G700 is. Although this flashlight produces 800 lumens, which is a 100 lumen more than the G700, the X800 has a battery capacity of 24-48 hours which Is a whole 24 hours less than the capacity of the G700.

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Military Flashlight in Action

Military Flashlight in Action

The army and private military contractors use these tactical flashlights to turn the night into day, and also use it to disorient opponents when doing raids and tactical attacks.

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